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Mosquito Control, Part 2

This past summer I wrote a piece about alternatives to spraying for controlling mosquitos. I wrote about a number of alternatives that I was going to try out. I removed standing water. I went through and found a few places collecting water and eliminated them. The rain barrel […]

Business Directory

One of the side projects I’ve wanted to work on for this blog is a business directory listing. When you look at the lists of who sponsors local events like last week’s Well Red, the SHHS fundraiser at Creekside or Thanksgiving’s Turkey Run, many of those listed are […]

Events Coming Up

Both the SHHS food truck event at Creekside and the library’s Well Red event last week were the same night, and both were very well attended. Early signup for the DelCo Turkey Trot at NPE is underway. There are multiple ways to participate this year – the 1 […]

School and Sleep

This weekend Ars Technica had a nice review of a new book released this summer, “The Sleep Deprived Teen” about school start times. I haven’t read the book, but the article provides a nice summary of the book’s familiar main points. For instance, here are some of the […]


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