Why a blog?

Over the last few years, its become apparent that our nation needs a stronger sense of community. Looking back at old newspaper issues, they used to cover all the minutiae down to who attended the latest society soiree. Today, like most newspapers, the Delco Times has been cut to minimal local news coverage and other community publications in Media and Swarthmore don’t cover much in the neighboring communities.

Chester City Mayor Howard Houston of Houston Park fame was in the news for attending this wedding in 1895.

Instead, a lot of community news comes from Facebook and Twitter. But we’re a divided community on Facebook with bubbles that don’t often overlap. I’ve heard most community groups described as toxic. This environment has caused many to leave social media altogether, and lose out on the community.

I hope to bring all that together in one place here. I’ve been inspired by the Chester Matters blog run by Stefan Roots. His blog does a great job of explaining complex issues and promoting issues of importance to his community. I think we could more of that around here, so that’s what I’ll aim to do as well.

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