Review of the proposed 2020 township budget

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The township has posted the proposed 2020 budget here. Looking at the 2020 approved budget, there’s a 3.9% increase in the levy in the 2021 budget with a total revenue and expense increase of 2.6%. The final number will probably end up being lower as they continue to tweak the budget though. The township has made an effort this year to bring the budget more in line with expected expenses, creating several new budget lines and bringing others up closer to more realistic amounts.

The major changes are that the retirement of Gary Cummings and other personnel in the township have reduced personnel expenses and those funds distributed elsewhere in the budget. Climate change has affected the budget as this year’s strong storms have resulted in several increases in maintenance expenses for trees, sewers and others. Covid has also created new expenses in several places, and probably will in unexpected ways in 2021 as well.

Among the major budget items, the police budget went up 1.7% with decreases in personnel expenses but increases in equipment and collective bargaining expenses for next years negotiations. Contributions to the library were flat, and an extra $5k was split between the two fire companies. Less money went into the highway maintenance fund but more was allocated for traffic calming measures.

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