Nether Providence Township Dec 2020 Workshop Session

The township held its penultimate meeting of the year, a relatively short meeting this time. Budget items were largely held over until next week’s final meeting of the year.

  • Two members of the planning commission and two of the zoning were re-appointed for another term.
  • The township received proposals for drainage improvements on E Country Club that will be presented to residents.
  • Delcora is testing sewer lines in Rose Valley and received permission to test sewer lines in Nether Providence using smoke. Residents will be notified, but smoke from the tests coming up in houses is rare and harmless.
  • Sewer lines were tested in the Bickmore area and identified areas in need of visual inspection. Many problems are likely due to root infiltration and easily remedied. Manholes were inspected and several are in need of repair, the engineer is investigating.
  • The township blood drive on 30 December still has open slots. Sign up here using the sponsor code Nether Providence. Donated blood is tested for Covid antibodies.
  • The county has drive through covid testing available. This blog has several events on the events calendar in the area.
  • Delaware County Council approved School Age Child Care COVID Support to help families with child care costs related to covid for children that are not able to attend school full time. Details and applications are available here, the deadline is Dec. 23rd.
  • The Media food bank is collecting donations from noon – 2 pm at the Media food bank or you can drop goods off at Kevin Henry’s house at 302 Melanie’s Way.
  • The GCFC is doing its holiday float this coming weekend (Dec. 12/13), the schedule is on their Facebook event page. South Media’s float will be on Dec. 22nd in the evening.
  • The board voted to set the baseline millage for the new assessment at 3.0269. This will be adjusted depending on the final approved budget (currently set at a 2.65% increase).
  • The board approved an accounting manual and policies as requested by auditors.
  • The township received a donation of several acres near Bullens Ln., which will keep it as green space.
  • The commissioners are making road resurfacing requests, if there’s a road vexing you, contact your commissioner to get it looked at for next year.
  • Leaf collection is set to continue through Dec. 18th.
  • The county has plans for a Media-Smedley train connector to link up walking paths, which may create grant opportunities for trains in the Smedley park area.
  • The township held a hearing for the CDBG program for improvements to Hepford Park including trees, curbs, fences, bollards, playground improvements, and a sign for $250k. Secondary improvements such as road resurfacing and sewer maintenance may also be included.
  • The township has an opportunity for a 902 recycling grant to cover costs related to recycling. The township EAC is tasked with coming up with ideas.
  • 310 Wallingford has had complaints about runoff. With the runoff sewer now installed, the situation should improve. The developer also seeks permission to use Anderson St. to haul off a pile of old tires and debris that is on the property.
  • Strath Haven high school sought a reduction in fees for an upcoming Mezzanine project, which the commissioners approved.
  • The township voted to pay Marino for up to half the amount owed on the Moore Rd. project. PENNDOT has been slow to pay the township the extra costs for the project. The commissioners report that feedback on the sidewalk has been positive.
  • The township will continue to meet virtually for the time being and plans to keep the same schedule for meetings in 2021.

Mentioned in passing during the meeting, the governor also announced new covid rules coming into effect as case accounts continue to rise rapidly. The press release can be found here.

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