Nether Providence Township January 2021 Working Meeting

The township meeting was streamed on youtube again, the video is available here.

  • A moment of silence was held for Chief Clancy, former township code enforcement officer and long-time member of South Media Fire Company. The moment of silence was also held for Bruce Brown who donated the Houston Park land and continued to contribute to the township even after moving away.
  • Jane Miluski has applied for an empty spot on the EAC and the township is reaching out to a second person for the last vacancy.
  • Former commissioner Frank Noyes was appointed as the vacancy chair for 2021, responsible for filling in for a vacancy on the board if there’s a tie vote.
  • Kevin Henry spoke about his work with the Media Food Bank. More information about donations, volunteering and picking up food can be found here. The food back has fed twice as many people as usual during the pandemic.
  • The board recognized Kevin Henry for his work with the Media Food Bank and Commissioner Max Cooper for his work as an ER doctor and township medical expert for 2020.
  • Smoke testing in ward 3 happened, there were some calls about the smoke. Initial findings suggest problems with the sewer system around the Moylan train station.
  • The township has little information about vaccination, but Dave Grady will meet with Monica Taylor and hopefully find out more. Currently the Chester County health department is the best source for local vaccination information.
  • Clara Lear, a 5th ward resident was recognized for her 100th birthday.
  • The township discovered that Rose Valley Borough had overpaid for its fire service contribution by about $6k. Rose Valley said the money could be retained to benefit the fire companies so will be split evenly between the fire companies.
  • The township approved a 2 year contract with Go To Technologies for IT support. The contract will be $120/hour the first year and $130/hour the second.
  • The commissioners asked if the township could coordinate the commissioner’s email lists to improve handoff between commissioners and data retention.
  • They authorized township manager Dave Grady to sign on behalf of the township for the pension plans and Covid relief grants from the state.
  • The DCNR grant is coming up, the commissioners are looking at Martha Burton Park for improvements.
  • Road resurfacing requests should be initially compiled in early February ideally.
  • Leaf collection is complete and tree pickup will continue through the end of the month. In 2021, the township is looking at scheduling leaf pickup. They will alternate picking up in wards 2, 3 and 4 one week, wards 1, 5, 6 and 7 the next week, and then leave a third week for catching up due to weather or equipment problems. Therefore each ward will be picked up once every third week this year and leaves should be out by the Monday of that week to guarantee pickup. The schedule will be in the forthcoming township newsletter, which is in draft form currently.
  • The state canceled the 902 recycling grant program and the township was rejected for its longshot ARLE grant request.
  • The commissioners released another escrow for the Media Walk development at 310 Wallingford and work continues there.
  • A house at 530 Washington is having its lot subdivided.
  • The commissioners discussed a DVRPC travel options grant, but the proposed projects connecting apartments in the first ward to nearby commercial properties would be too expensive to easily justify and be hard to complete in the short timeline.
  • The commissioners again decided to do nothing about the Delcora email they received last year. Although the courts have ruled for the sale to go forward, that ruling will likely be appealed and an administrative judge has recommended to the state’s Public Utility Commission to reject the proposed sale.
  • The township received word about the new state law Act 106 of 2020 that allows for Personal Delivery Devices (basically wheeled drones) on streets and sidewalks. The township has various rights under the law, although its not expected to come up immediately.
  • The township approved a 3 year contract with Charles Higgins and Sons for $2405 per year to maintain the township’s traffic signals.
  • The commissioners considered a request from residents for a resolution supporting the democratic process. They’ll consider anything proposed by a commissioner at the next meeting.

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