Vaccinations in DelCo

Delaware County seems to be maintaining a list of places offering vaccinations here. Only group 1A is being vaccinated now, but this gives you multiple places to try. h/t to state rep Jenn O’Mara for tweeting this.

The number of vaccines is pretty low. According to an email from the county, as of Jan 29th less than 3% of group 1A had been fully vaccinated in DelCo (11% of 1A had received at least one dose). The county itself had only administered 2,720 doses – so most doses have been administered by organizations other than the county. The Moderna vaccine that the county is using requires 2 shots spaced 4 weeks apart and is not fully effective until 2 weeks after the second dose. So this is going to be a slow process.

Given that after over a month of vaccinations we’re still only a small fraction of the way through group 1A, the implications for our schools is that teachers (in group 1B) will not be vaccinated any time soon and even once they start administering vaccines to teachers its 6 weeks before they’re fully protected by it.

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