Nether Providence Township Workshop Meeting Feb 2021

Manager Report
  • There are 26 Covid vaccination sites in DelCo, two of which are operated by the county. All are vaccinating those in 1A currently. The county’s Yeadon site is currently closed, but expected to reopen soon.
  • The county continues running Covid testing sites weekly.
  • The township has applied for ~$8,000 reimbursement from PEMA for Covid-related costs.
  • Funding for child support remains available, as mentioned in previous meetings.
  • Public officials and candidates will need to file their State of Financial Interest with the township by March 9th.
  • The township received its MS4 permit for its pollutant reduction plan. This runs through March 15, 2023 but the township has 5 years to complete the required steps in the plan.
  • The township received an annual report from the Leiper House which it supports.
Building and Zoning
  • There was a brief mention of the easement granted at the last meeting for access to the 310 Wallingford development and an upcoming escrow release for 304 W Rose Valley Rd.
  • A smaller group will meet to review the pension funds and report back to the board rather than meeting with the whole board. It was noted this is how most townships do this.
  • The township is purchasing a trailer to replace an older one for ~$12,000, which is less than was budgeted for.
Parks & Open Space
  • A DCNR grant round will open around April 14th. These grants require a 50% match. The Township is considering improvements to Martha Burton Park for this round of grants.
  • Planning is under way for work at Sapovitts Park. There are 2 grants for the park, one to improve drainage and another for park improvements like a walking path, landscaping, a rain garden and playground improvements. Work should begin some time this summer, with the stormwater work being done first probably.
  • The township is going to get quotes for a new sign for Martha Burton Park.
Public Works
  • The township engineer is waiting to evaluate streets for resurfacing due to the ice and snow. Assessments should be done in time for the March meetings.
  • There was talk about criteria for new streetlights, but it seemed the commissioners will continue to evaluate requests on an ad-hoc basis. They’re currently looking into one in the Sproul Estates area at the request of a resident.
Community Enhancement
  • The township will apply for 9 trees for Hepford Park through the bare root tree program, which should be planted this Spring in a way to allow the future improvements the township hopes for through the CBDG it applied for.
  • The commissioners discussed the township’s 2021 children summer rec program. The commissioners were in favor of moving forward with planning it. The first step will be to ask the school district about whether the township can continue to use school property for the summer camp.
  • The damaged Pine Ridge sewer pipe is still being evaluated, but repairs are estimated to cost ~$35,000.
  • The township is sending the design for the Rose Valley Rd. sidewalk project to PENNDOT soon. The township engineer is working on plans for improved drainage in the area, either as part of this project or perhaps a future grant.
  • The Rose Valley smoke test highlighted only minor issues with the sewer system in the area.
Public Safety
  • The fire committee is meeting on Feb 22nd to discuss criteria for the volunteer firefighter tax credit, to revisit the apparatus study from last year, discuss issues of recruitment and regulations, and the lack of drivers for the larger trucks.
  • Traffic issues around Springhaven Club were discussed extensively, including ideas like new signage, changing traffic flow, installing planters, having police in the area at the time of traffic from major events, and other possible solutions.

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