County Dems Make Endorsements

Yesterday over 600 members of the county’s Democratic committee voted and endorsed:

  • Judge Maria McLaughin for PA Supreme Court
  • Judge Timika Lane for PA Superior Court
  • Amanda Green-Hawkins and Judge Lori Dumas for PA Commonwealth Court
  • Tinu Moss and Judge Deb Krull for DelCo Court of Common Pleas
  • Kevin Madden and Richard Womack for DelCo Council
  • Jerry Sanders for DelCo Sheriff
  • Joanne Phillips for DelCo Controller
  • Rachel Ezzell Berry for Register of Wills
2018 committee reorg

The committee voted for women. In every contested race, they chose women over men. In voting for Judge Lori Dumos and Amanda Green Hawkins, DelCo defied the state committee and voted against their endorsed judge. Candidates that think DelCo is a rubber stamp for the hierarchy should think again.

The DelCo committee also voted for Judge Deb Krull, the most qualified candidate for judge, over another that had a long list of establishment support but little judicial experience. It was reassuring to see that resistance remains among the grassroots. Will that survive the next round of committee elections in 2022?

The only county-wide Democratic candidate with ties to the Garden City area is Rachel Ezzell Berry, a former Nether Providence resident who’s parents still live near Garden City. She is running for her first term as Register of Wills after being appointed to the position just before the pandemic. She’s had a lot of work to do to transform her department to work online in a short time.

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