Nether Providence Township Legislative Meeting, Feb 2021

The township board of commissioners met this week, the video can be found on youtube here. It was mostly routine business this week.

  • The board formally appointed Bill Silverstein chair of the township’s Environmental Advisory Committee, and authorized it to appoint a vice-chair
  • The board discussed how to formalize procedures for public comments and how to shorten meetings (which are routinely running long this year).
  • Sewer work will be done soon on Pennsylvania Ave. between Ash and Nashville using last years CBDG funds. The sewer runs under residents yards, so front yards will be dug up to repair the sewer line. Residents will be notified.
  • The county now has four vaccination sites in Yeadon, Aston, Chester and Radnor. You can contact the county at or 484-276-2100 or find out more online at . The county also continues its Covid testing clinics weekly.
  • The county Board of Elections is preparing for the 2021 primary. The deadline to register to vote is May 3rd, and the deadline to apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot is May 11th. The primary is May 18th. The BoE has mailed out applications for mail-in ballots to those who’ve requested them in the past.
  • The DelCo office of housing and community development has a variety of resources available to residents including lead hazard reduction, help for first-time homeowners, and housing rehab loans.
  • has opened a new enrollment period for those seeking health insurance.
  • The CRC stream cleanup is happening on March 20th, there are two sites in Nether Providence – Leiper Park and Smedley Park. The signup is here.
  • Kevin Henry continues to collect supplies for the Media Food bank at 302 Melanies Way.
  • There was discussion of a state bill that would remove the requirement for the township to advertise in print, allowing advertisement electronically. This would save the township money, but would impact newspapers finances. The township is considering supporting the bill.
  • The board voted to release escrow funds for 310 Wallingford and 304 W Rose Valley Rd. developments. Work continues at 310 Wallingford.
  • The board discussed moving to live meetings possibly as soon as April and discussed how to implement in person or hybrid meetings potentially.
  • The parks commission will discuss possible projects at Martha Burton Park for the upcoming round of DCNR grants.
  • Work at Sapovitts is underway under two grants. The path being built will go all the way around the park.
  • The township has a grant for building a playground at Gouley Park (formerly Summit School), but its still early in planning.
  • The township discussed a Covanta/Zero Waste reduction that is being circulated around DelCo municipalities by CRCQL calling for the county to end its contract with the incinerator to improve air and water quality.
  • Planning for the summer rec program continues. The school district ok’d the use of NPE grounds for the camp, but it must be all outside. The township is considering renting tents and port-a-potties for the camp and will need to possibly increase the cost of the camp to cover the extra Covid-related expenses.
  • There is a sinkhole on Pine Ridge Rd. due to a corroded pipe. The township engineer has suggested removing the pipe and restoring the stream to running above ground along the road. The neighbors will be consulted.
  • The board approved an extension to the E Rose Valley Rd. sidewalk project as the original grant deadline was in June and some work may continue beyond that time.
  • The board discussed criteria for the volunteer firefighter tax credit. The board wants the criteria to be equal for both fire companies, and are hoping to find the broadest criteria possible to encourage volunteerism.
  • There was discussion of plans for speed mitigation near Springhaven Club. The plan is to put islands in the road between the club and Rose Valley, narrow West Country Club Ln. to slow drivers and install stop signs. Its been suggested this could be funded by residents, but other board members think the country club should take responsibility for the improvements as they are designed to address issues created by club members egress from the club.
  • The board asked the solicitor to review commercial trailer parking ordinances to address resident concerns about trailers currently allowed being parked for long durations on township streets.
  • The board discussed changing the speed limit on Baltimore Pike to address the dangerous intersection with Pine Ridge Rd. The county is planning to remove vegetation to improve visibility, PennDOT is installing signage and Chief Splain is working with the state police to enforce current speed limits on that stretch of Baltimore Pike. The board will re-examine the problem after these measures are put in place.

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