Nether Providence Township Workshop Meeting, March 2021

The township meeting is viewable on Youtube at this link.

  • The board discussed a resolution from the EAC based on a request from Chester Residents Concerned with Quality Living to pass a resolution calling on the county to stop sending waste to the incinerator in the city of Chester and work toward reducing waste. The incinerator causes a great deal of pollution in the area, harming both the residents of Chester and Nether Providence, and is a poor source of energy production. Approximately 2/3 of the waste comes from outside the county, with the result that most of the ash landfilled by the county and poisoning the community is coming from trash from New York and Philadelphia. The contract is up for renewal next year, but discussions are beginning next month at the county’s waste authority. Swarthmore passed this resolution this week, but Nether Providence’s board decided to refer it back to the township’s EAC for further consideration.
  • The DCNR grant round is coming up soon. At the next meeting Dave Grady needs instructions for possible improvements for more greenspace, improved landscaping and playground improvements for Martha Burton Park for the grant application The board is reaching out to residents for ideas.
  • The Greenways Trails and Recreation Grant program is coming up soon, but no decision was made on what to apply for as last year’s grant application for Furness Park is still outstanding due to Covid-related delays.
  • A neighbor of 310 Wallingford wrote a letter asking for changes to the project’s water management to make her property more usable, the township engineer will investigate options.
  • 720 E Baltimore Pike and 746 Windsor Pl. are asking for variances to build closer to property edges.
  • The township is considering in person meetings starting in April, and Dave Grady wants to test the system ahead of it to avoid problems.
  • The board voted to dispose of various records from 2006-2013.
  • The township is still working to buy a house that lies in a flood plain, this has been an open FEMA/PEMA issue for 2 years now and the house pricing has changed so the township will seek increased funds to pay for the property.
  • The township received about $200-300k from Aqua to pay for roads dug up that need to be resurfaced.
  • The board approved work on the roads that Aqua is paying for to go out to bid, but delayed other resurfacing until they receive the next round of Aqua payments. The commissioners discussed taking out a loan to repair roads in poor condition, but the township engineer said the roads are better than they have been in the last few years.
  • Planning continues for the 2021 summer camp, applications are expected to open in April but pricing is uncertain still.
  • The township is considering maintaining a registry of vacant properties to help the township manager contact the owners of these properties when maintenance is needed. They’re considering hiring a service to maintain this registry.
  • The board approved the Media-Smedley Connector trail plan, part of which runs through the township.
  • The board approved getting bids for a valuation of its sewer system.
  • The board is considering projects for the watershed restoration program that might reduce run-off, as required by the state.
  • The board asked the solicitor to draft an ordinance that would ban commercial trailers from being parked on township streets. The ordinance will contain an option for residents to request temporary parking for commercial trailers if needed.
  • The township manager reported the county has opened a fifth Covid vaccination site in Springfield and teachers will be vaccinated soon. The county has opened a long-term drive-thru Covid testing site from March through early April in Upland.
  • The school lunch program has been extended through the summer for children in need of meals.
  • The hazardous waste program has changed date and/or location due to Covid testing sites, check the county’s website for the updated locations
  • The township is hosting a blood drive on April 1st from 1-6 pm, registration probably isn’t open yet as it was just scheduled.
  • The state’s CHIRP program is available to help those in the hospitality industry impacted by Covid.
  • The CRC stream cleanup is happening on March 20th, the only site still open in the township is at Leiper Park.

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