Nether Providence Township Legislative Meeting, March 2021

The township meeting was streamed live on Youtube. The next meeting on April 8th will be a hybrid in-person meeting, the public can participate either via Zoom or a limited number in person (first come, first seated). Masks will be required. The Ward 2 and 4 commissioners were not present, so a few items were postponed until everyone was present.

Opening Reports

  • Two positions on the Environmental Advisory Committee still open, some residents interested.
  • The engineer has not found the source of the sewer problem identified by smoke testing in the Rose Valley Area, so DELCORA is sending out a camera to investigate.

Building and Zoning

  • The township agreed to move the berm identified as a problem for a neighbor in the last meeting, should have negligible effect on runoff.
  • The township released a $90k escrow for the Media Walk Development

Public Works

  • The RFP has gone out to repave the roads Aqua dug up in the 4th Ward. The board voted to advertise a bid for an amount of roads with the exact details TBD at the township’s April 8th meeting.
  • The township is preparing a cost/benefit analysis for a loan for road repairs.

Public Safety

The board spent a very long time discussing installing cameras at Sapovitts Park. There was recently an incident where a basketball backboard was shot up. There have been a couple of similar issues in the last several years. The board decided to gather feedback from the community, but then proceeded to want to vote on going ahead with installing the cameras while gathering more feedback from the community on policing in the area. Which seems dishonest. The township manager pointed out that they didn’t have pricing for the cameras and quotes or bids might be necessary. As a result the board voted to plan the camera placement and get the pricing needed to vote at the next meeting on the camera installation.

It was also noted that James Mason, who attended the meeting in favor of the cameras, was among South Media residents who rescued a neighbor from a house fire this week.

Parks and Open Space

  • Plans were discussed for the grant application for improvements at Martha Burton Park. They are discussing replacing the playground with a bigger playground, installing a rain garden, a foursquare/hopscotch area, repairing the light, adding an ADA swing to the swingset and an improved path and table for the park. Plans for the grant application will be finalized at a future meeting.
  • Martha Burton Park will be dedicated on July 31st. Details TBD
  • The Greenways Trail and Rec program grant is open, but the township is still waiting for last year’s grant results. They could apply for the second part of the Furness Park trail (but the last grant application for this is still outstanding) or apply for Hepford Park improvements (the CBDG grant for this was denied this month). They will discuss this again later.
  • Another property parcel is being donated to the township to link a property being purchased with a FEMA grant to Mickey Vernon Park.

Finance and Administration

  • American Rescue Act – the township could receive $1.36 million from the bill recently passed by President Biden for aid to local governments. Not clear exactly what it can be used for, but potentially could be used to offset revenue losses due to Covid, pay for Covid expenses or invest in non-profits like the fire companies or library. The township is awaiting clarification.
  • The board approved the FEMA/PEMA grant to purchase 1012 Glenn Rd., which lies in a flood plain. With the property donated (see above), this property is now linked to Mickey Vernon Park.

Community Enhancement

  • The summer rec program is going ahead. The township has submitted a safety plan to the school district and is awaiting approval and has continued discussions with NPE Principal Heinle. The cost will be $285 per camper with registration starting next week. The camp will run from June 28 – July 29th with no camp on July 1st. K-6 will be able to attend. The camp will follow CDC guidelines, so there may be a lower limit to the number of campers allowed this year. Registration will start next week. There will also be no Jr. camper program – only 16+ will be hired as counselors, and there will be less of those as well.
  • The township purchased 9 trees from PHS and will be planted April 24th at 10 am in Hepford Park.
  • The CBDG for improvements to Hepford Park was not approved.


  • The Watershed Restoration Protection Program is open for grants until May 31st. The township is looking at a variety of sediment load reduction works that would contribute toward required reductions as well as projects in the Henry/Palmers Ln. area to reduce flooding.
  • The WRPP grant received in 2018 for Gouley Park was extended to 2022 in case any work runs over the grant’s deadline. Work is expected to be completed this summer.
  • The township manager noted that several township employers have requested sewer fee reductions because less employees are working in commercial spaces.

Manager’s Report

  • The County is operating five vaccination locations and there are other medical providers offering the vaccine. The county is still vaccinating 1-A people. Details are on the county website.
  • The website also has information on those that need to be vaccinated at home. You can call 484-276-2100 or email for help.
  • The CRC cleanup happened at Smedley and Leiper Parks.
  • The Friends of Smedley Park cleaned up the I-95 off-ramps on Baltimore Pike as well.
  • NPT citizens against trash (CAT) also cleaned up near the Synagogue and funeral homes on 320 last weekend. They are planning additional cleanups, I believe this is their web location.
  • The Red Cross is doing a blood drive on April 1st, there are still slots in the 4-5 pm time range. Sign up at the Red Cross website using the Nether Providence code.
  • The SMFC is having another Food Truck Friday on April 2nd from 5-8 pm with Farmstead Foods, Flying Deutschman and Owl’s Water Ice.
  • Goodwill Industries is providing training in digital skills. Find out more on their website or call 610-623-2973.
  • The county is starting a rental assistance program, which can provide assistance for rent going back into 2020. You can find out more at their website here.

At the close they stated the next meeting will be an in person meeting on April 8th, but the public may participate via Zoom.

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