Nether Providence Township Workshop Meeting, April 2021

Nether Providence held its workshop meeting on Thursday, April 8th. The meeting was the first one that’s taken place in person since last March, but it is available on Youtube. Unfortunately, parts of the audio are inaudible so the notes below are incomplete.

The board first heard the one public comment not related to the incinerator. One South Media resident spoke about the need for a policy regarding security camera to protect the privacy interests of residents before Commissioner Knapp sought to cut him off.

Public Safety

The board heard some public comments related to the resolution asking the county to divert its waste from the incinerator and pursue alternatives. After hearing a few they cut off further public comment.

  • They heard from a representative from Covanta, who gave information inconsistent with publicly available information on the incinerator.
  • Residents spoke in favor of the resolution, largely citing the health issues in Delaware County resulting from the incinerator.
  • Swarthmore professor Carr Everbach introduced three speakers: an expert on Chester politics explaining how the elected officials in Chester are not representative of the populace, a resident of Chester that spoke about the impacts of the incinerator in Chester, and Stefan Roots who highlighted the political realities of the incinerator in Chester.
  • After the board’s discussion, Ken Rose of the Bowling Green Patriots spoke about that group’s support for the resolution.

The board had a discussion of the resolution. Several commissioners said they are in favor of environmental improvements from reducing usage of the incinerator but don’t want to act on an issue they have no jurisdiction over. Commissioner Molloy took a clear stance advocating for the resolution. After some discussion, they made some minor edits to the resolution’s wording suggested by Commissioner Cooper and put it on the agenda again for the next meeting. The county’s Solid Waste Authority is expected to receive Covanta’s application for an extension of the incinerator’s contract on May 1st.

  • The next issue was security cameras in Sapovitts Park. Chief Splain’s remarks were inaudible, but later statements indicated the cameras would cost ~$2k and require a subscription to maintain. The cost of the camera’s was more than the backboards that were recently damaged in the park.
  • Commissioner McKenzie suggested thinking about what kind of backboards to replace the damaged one with given their repeated destruction.
  • Commissioners thought the cost was sufficient that it would probably have to be budgeted for next year or possibly the township should look into grants.
  • Commissioner Garson asked about moving the cameras around or installing them in further locations with regards to issues like illegal dumping.
  • There was some talk of a policy regarding the use of the cameras, commissioners suggesting looking at the school district’s and Media Borough’s policies for suggestions.
  • Chief Splain has formed an informal advisory group with residents in South Media regarding how to improve policing in the community.
  • There was some discussion of using the township’s Civil Service Commission to provide oversight of the cameras, but the Civil Service Commission’s duties are codified under state law and might be problematic.
  • The board approved the fire tax credit for volunteers serving in the volunteer fire and ambulance companies.
  • The board continued work on an ordinance regarding trailers. Commissioner Knapp wanted some kind of warning included in the ordinance before fines start being issued for violations.
  • The township is looking into restarting rental home inspections. Commissioner Cooper suggested it could be done safely.

Parks & Open Space

The board authorized the township to prepare a grant application for improvements to Martha Burton Park possibly improving a new path, better swings, a picnic area, lighting improvements, garden improvements, a rain and butterfly garden, a 4-square/hopscotch area, a play area (maybe), fencing, landscaping and a sign. The township hopes to use labor to cover much of the 50% match for the grant.

The township plans to apply for a greenways and rec program grant to cover the improvements for Hepford Park that were turned down in last year’s CBDG grant program.

Finance & Administration

The board again approved something regarding the PEMA grant to purchase the Glenn Rd. property. Seems to keep involving more approvals. Commissioner McKenzie suggested it might take the state months to decide on approving the house’s price, so this agenda item may go on for some time yet.

The township was asked to make a cost of living increase to police pensions, something related to a 2001 settlement. Currently under actuarial consideration.

Building and Zoning

Work continues at 310 Wallingford, one housing unit completed.

The zoning hearing board will hear 3 cases this month for variances.

Public Works

The grants for the first phase of road work involving roads dug up by Aqua came in at a favorable bid of $272,849 from Glasgow (spelling?). Approved by the commissioners.

Phase 2 of the road program for further roads was considered. The township will advertise for work to Arthur, Canterbury, Governors, Pine Ridge and Sheffield with possible alternate work on Ash, Blakely, Ridley and Ryanard Rd. if funds are left over.

The township will be picking up yard waste in May and June on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. It wasn’t clear how this will work.

Community Enhancement

Summer camp registration is underway, details are available on the township’s website. The cost is $285, currently there are about 90 campers and the program can accommodate about 170.

A tree planting is planned at Hepford for April 24th.

The board discussed traffic mitigation around Springhaven Club again. The township will pay for engineering, stop signs and markings and the club will pay for materials. Residents of the area will be asked to cover the cost of decorations for the new improvements. The improvements will include stop signs and new traffic islands hoping to slow traffic going to and from the country club.

The board discussed paying for portapotties for township parks. People at athletic events have been relieving themselves in the parks and nearby resident’s yards. Commissioner Molloy suggested that perhaps the athletic associations should contribute to the cost, but the board voted 4-1 to approve $2000 for 5 months of service.


The price for the E Possum Hollow sidewalk project came in almost double its expected cost. DVRPC and PENNDOT suggested if the township came up with a further $22,000 in matching funds they might consider covering the additional ~$300,000 expense. Given the township has already spent $78,000 on the project design, the board had no choice but to accept, 5-0.

The board authorized the engineer to get estimates for the cost of the Canterbury/Governors watershed restoration grant application.

Manager’s Report

  • The state has increased vaccine doses available to Delaware County. Next week phase 1C will be eligible and on the 19th everyone will be eligible for vaccination. The county’s covid vaccination site is here. The county will also be doing vaccinations for homebound residents, details are available on that website as well.
  • Delaware County’s rental assistance program is available to help with rent and utility bills dating back to last year. Information is available on the county’s website here.
  • The township’s blood drive collected 22 pints of blood and was so popular they had to turn people away. The next blood drive will be in August.
  • The Media Food bank is still in need of items.
  • Citizens Against Trash is organizing another cleanup along the blue route on April 10th.
  • There will be a shredding/e-waste event at Gouley Park on the 17th, but I haven’t seen anything official from the township about it.
  • The township has an annual report from Delcora available.

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