Lenape Practice in the Hills

Another part in my occasional series to put more of the Lenape language on the internet. As before, I am only a beginner, links go to the Lenape Talking Dictionary’s native speakers. This time, I’m going to attempt the x sound, which is similar to a German ch. There are a few similarities between Lenape and German that may help explain why the two peoples got along well – the number system is also similar with the Lenape saying nishinxke ok nisha “twenty and two” similar to how the Germans say zweiundzwanzig “two and twenty”.

Person 1: He. (Hello)

Person 2: He. Tani hech kta? (Hello. Where are you going?)

Person 1: Ahchunk. Ika. (To the hill. There.)

Person 2: Xkwitahtene the. Nkatatamen shakhukwiyan. (It is cold on top of the mountain. I want a coat.)

Person 1: She nen shakhukwiyan. Atam. (There is a coat. Come on.)

Person 2: Alemi wine. Shiki. (It is starting to snow, it is beautiful.)

Person 1: Ahikta. (I agree.)

Person 2: Kelesta. Pethakhon hech? (Listen. Is it thunder?)

Person 1: Ku. Nehenaonkes nan. (No. That is a horse.)

Person 2: Welesu. Nemachi. Nishahpihena hech? (He/she is beautiful. I am going home. Do we want to ride together?)

Person 1: E-e. Wentaxa. (Yes. Let’s go.)

I still need work on the x sound I think.

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