Guns and Independent Contractors

This past week has had several shootings involving police in the news again – some involving children. Some in the media are asking how this can be stopped, and even do all police need to always carry guns.

Yet…the first question almost everyone has asked me when I tell them I am running for constable is, “So, will you have a gun?” Law enforcement? Must be armed. This is not a universal truth – some nations employ both armed and unarmed police. Some of this confusion is because almost no one knows what a constable does, if they even know they exist (which is a strong argument for questioning why we’re electing them). But should our polling places require armed guards for elections to be conducted fairly? Should serving notice of speeding tickets or evictions or tax payments require firearms? Shouldn’t we be asking the reverse? Why does Pennsylvania think its a good idea for independent contractors to carry firearms for these tasks? Fortunately, Pennsylvania has made firearms optional for constables. It appears all but two Delaware County constables are currently firearms certified – many because they are already certified through their day jobs. But DelCo is anomalous, unarmed constables are more common in our neighboring counties.

At an even more basic level, is the threat of deadly violence required for Americans to follow the law? I don’t think that’s the America I want to live in.

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