Covid Cases in WSSD

It seems like parents are getting a lot of Covid notices from WSSD lately. But I wanted a more substantial answer, so I plotted the number of confirmed and probable cases by date reported.

I’ve combined the elementary schools to get roughly similar population sizes. Even with the small number of reports, it seems that while elementary and middle school report Covid rates that are fairly constant, the high school has deviated from the others recently. Is this because of changes in behavior, variants more likely to affect older children or the return of more students to in person education? There’s too little data here to know. Analyzing it will surely produce many PhDs in statistics and epidemiology over the coming decade.

But this suggests older children in WSSD are at more risk now than a few months ago. If your high schooler is 16+, get them vaccinated. Appointments are becoming easier and easier to come by (note that 16-17 year olds must get Pfizer currently).

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