Ballots Mailed Out for Primary

For those that requested mail-in ballots, ballots are now in the mail and will start arriving shortly. You can still apply for a mail-in ballot until May 11th. Ballots can be returned by mail or dropped off at drop boxes. Some of the closest drop boxes around here are:

  • Helen Kate Furness Library at 100 N Providence Rd.
  • Hedgerow Theater at 64 Rose Valley Rd.
  • Swarthmore Borough Library at 121 Park Ave.
  • Media Government Center at 201 Front Street

You can also vote in person on May 18th. This primary is unusual because there are 4 ballot questions, which independents and third parties can also vote on. I have written up my recommendations below,

I (along with the Democrats and local NAACP) are recommending a NO vote on Proposed Constitutional Amendments 1 and 2. Both changes make it so that a simple partisan majority of the legislature, rather than a bipartisan 2/3 majority, would be needed to end a declared disaster emergency. These amendments could cut off state and federal aid that is only available during declared emergencies. Pennsylvania currently has two declared emergencies – Covid and the Opioid epidemic. Either of these amendments would put in jeopardy the government’s ability to respond to those emergencies.

Everyone I’ve spoken to is recommending a YES vote on Amendment 3 and the referendum. Amendment 3 would ban discrimination due to race and ethnicity. Bipartisan majorities supported this amendment in the legislature. The referendum would allow the fire companies to continue to access loan programs for equipment even if they relied on paid staff rather than volunteers. Volunteer numbers for fire companies have fallen for decades so paid staff are becoming necessary in some municipalities.

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