DelCo is Below Average (in a good way)

Covid case numbers for the last reported week have fallen a lot in Delaware County, the third largest drop in the state behind Philly and Allegheny. This puts Delaware County below the state average for cases per 100k residents (132.7 per week) and PCR test positivity (6.6%). These numbers are still high, but falling. On the state’s risk chart, DelCo remains in the highest risk category in every category but population age.

DelCo is running behind in vaccinations, possibly in part due to shortages from the state in the early stages of vaccination. Delaware County has fully vaccinated 28.7% of its population. That may be changing now as DelCo has given a further 16% of residents a first shot, which runs ahead of the state average. That total, 44.7%, is still far from what’s needed to stop Covid from spreading, but it should get a boost once Pfizer receives its imminent approval for 12-15 year olds.

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