Nether Providence Township Workshop Meeting, May 2021

The township Board of Commissioners workshop meeting is available online in two parts (part 1 is here, part 2 is here). The meeting started with only four commissioners, with two more arriving shortly into the meeting.

Parks & open space

  • There is a discussion of parking changes on Allen St. near Martha Burton Park, but nothing has been decided ahead of improvements.
  • The lighting agreement with NPAA baseball concerning the new lights at Houston Park is up for review and discussions with neighboring residents is underway.
  • The contract for $42k for phase 2 of Furness Park improvements was approved.
  • The township accepted a donation of land along Bullens Ln. and authorized the purchase of property on Glenn Rd. using a PEMA grant. These properties lie in the floodplain, existing structures will be removed as part of the grant and the land will become township greenspace.

Public safety

  • The township approved an ordinance placing stop signs at Harvey and Pine as well as several on Springhaven, Country Club and Sycamore near Springhaven club.
  • The board has drafted a resolution regarding public comments for consideration. It would limit comments to 3 minutes for township residents and taxpayers. There was some discussion of how to handle comments submitted in writing, the resolution will be revisited at the next meeting. It looks like the proposed resolution hasn’t been posted yet.
  • The township approved one additional volunteer firefighter tax credit.
  • The township is considering an ordinance to reduce penalties for marijuana from a misdemeanor to summary offense, based on resolutions in other townships nearby. Will be discussed further at a future meeting.
  • The board discussed the trailer ordinance regarding trailer parking on township streets. The board voted to advertise the proposed ordinance.

Building and zoning

Construction continues at Media Walk development and the zoning hearing board is hearing routine matters.

Community enhancement

  • Township summer rec program registration continues with 20 spaces remaining. The township still needs counselors as well.
  • The township approved a $250k DCED multimodal grant, but they didn’t say at the meeting what it was for. (update – its apparently part 2 of the Providence Rd. sidewalk project)

Finance & administration

  • The board approved a new bank account for moneys held in escrow while a real estate tax assessment is appealed.
  • The board denied a request to skip a lateral sewer inspection during a sale on Quaint Rd. due to concerns that this would lead to future sewer issues.
  • The board approved shifting its property management software to the cloud, as required by the vendor Munilogic.

Public works

  • Road resurfacing bids for phase 2 of this year’s roadwork were approved, including all alternate projects. The first paving in the township is set to start on May 27th.
  • The commissioners discussed criteria for consideration of street lights requests they receive from residents. The board has received a request for a light at Scott and Wilder.


  • The township is preparing estimates for the Watershed restoration program.
  • The E Possum Hollow sidewalk project has gone out to bid thanks to PENNDOT coming up with the additional money needed.
  • The township will apply for the next round of multimodal transportation fund grants to continue work on the Providence Rd. sidewalk.
  • The board approved the contract for the watershed restoration project on Palmers Ln for $22,000 but due to the partial funding they are working on reducing the scope.

Other business

  • The board decided to meet once a month during the summer on the 4th Thursday of the month.
  • May 9 – 16 is national law enforcement week.
  • Covid vaccinations are now available for 12-15 year olds and everyone is eligible. The county provides information about vaccinations, including the home visit program, on their website.
  • Pop-up vaccination sites are starting to appear, the township is working on one for the Food Truck Friday event at South Media.
  • The black clergy covid 19 program is holding a vaccination clinic at St. Paul AME church in South Media, 10-3 on May 21st and June 18th (second shot). It sounded like appointments are required.
  • The emergency rental assistance program is open for those needing help with rent, information is available online.
  • There is a shredding/e-waste event scheduled for July 17th at Gouley Park. Shredding is free, some electronics cost money.
  • The primary is next Tuesday, May 18th. There are resources for voters on the county’s website, including the voter hotline.
  • Drop boxes for mail-in ballots are open. The box at Furness was closed for a while due to cloudy days interrupting power for the camera, but it has been restored to operation.
  • PECO’s financial assistance program has resources available online for those with financial challenges.
  • Citizens against trash continue to clean-up roadways throughout the township, and will be adopting a stretch of Avondale Rd.

Next meeting will be the May 27th legislative meeting.

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