Today is Primary Day 2021

Today is the 2021 primary, polls will be open from 7 am until 8 pm. Here in Nether Providence, we are voting on contested primaries and four ballot initiatives – three constitutional amendments and one referendum. I have canvassed all of Garden City over the past few weeks to ask voters to vote no on amendments 1 and 2 (the emergency powers amendments) and yes on the other two. All voters – including independents and third parties – can vote on these ballot initiatives.

The Wallingford-Swarthmore School district has contested primaries in both Regions 1 (northern NP) and 2 (southern NP + Rose Valley). In Region 1, current school board vice-president Kelly Wachtman (D), Kevin Henry (D) and Amy Caruso (R) have all cross-filed to run in both party’s primaries. Suzanne Guille (R) is running only on the Republican ballot. In Region 2, Rachel Holbert (D) is running against Robert Kelly (R) on the Democratic ballot. Rachel did not cross-file, so only Robert Kelly is running on the Republican ballot.

There are many judges cross-filed on the ballot as well. Last week the League of Women Voters held a forum for candidates for the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas – the courts that initially hear many cases. Deborah Krull and Tinu Moss are the candidates endorsed by the county Democratic Party. Michael Ruggieri and Deborah Truscello are the Republicans running for the court, and Raymond Santarelli is a Democrat running as well. All the candidates except Santarelli cross-filed, so appear on both party’s ballots.

Garden City also has a race for Magisterial District judge, the lower courts that hear lesser charges and motions like bail. Frank Redding (D) and George Dawson (R) are both cross-filed and appear on both ballots. Most of the district is in Ridley, however.

There are a number of state-wide judges, but it appears there has been no cross-filing in these races. Three Republicans are seeking the nomination for the Pennsylvania supreme court while Judge McLaughlin is running unopposed in the Democratic nomination. Three Democrats are running for the Superior Court, with Judge Lane endorsed by the county Democrats. One Republican is running unopposed for the Superior Court. Voters can select two candidates for the Commonwealth Court from among four Democrats running. Lori Dumas and Amanda Green Hawkins were endorsed by the county Democrats. Two Republicans are running unopposed on the Republican ballot.

There are a number of write-ins for election officials to make sure polls are staffed for the next four years, so you might want to check with the greeters at your polling location to see if there’s someone to write-in.

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