Primary Election Results 2021

The early results are in with 95.3% of Delaware County precincts having reported so far (state results here). In Nether Providence, it appears most results are in except the small 6-1 precinct is still unreported (there were roughly 50 votes cast there between mail-in and Election Day so it is unlikely to change results by much).

Turnout in Nether Providence currently sits at 32.5%. Democrats remain more engaged with a turnout of 36.9%, compared to 26.4% for Republicans. 64% of Democrats that voted did so in person on Election Day compared to 87% of Republicans, so people are more willing to brave the polls now that more people are starting to get vaccinated.

In local races, currently Kevin Henry and Kelly Wachtman easily won the Region 1 Democratic nomination with roughly 42% of the vote each. Amy Caruso and Kevin Henry won the more contested Republican primary with 40% an 25% of the vote respectively. Its still close enough that its possible that could swing, but currently it appears Democrat Kevin Henry defeated Republican Suzanne Guille in the Republican primary. Rachel Holbert defeated Robert Kelly in the Region 2 Democratic nomination for school board 83.5% to 16.5%, receiving more Democratic votes than Robert Kelly did on both ballots combined.

There doesn’t appear to have been anything newsworthy in the commissioner races, except to note that more Democrats than Republicans voted for commissioners in all five commissioner races up this year. For the second time in a row, there was a write-in campaign for tax collector on the Republican ballot with at least 110 write-in votes cast, but I haven’t gotten a name yet as it will take time for those write-ins to be processed. There were a scattering of write-ins for 7th ward commissioner on the Republican ballot and constable on both sides where there were no candidates (each party only ran one constable for the two spots), but its not clear there were enough for any one candidate to receive the nomination.

In the county races, Deborah Krull and Tinu Moss won the Democratic nomination for the Court of Common Pleas with 40% and 37% of the vote while Ruggieri and Truscello won the Republican nominations with 44% and 36% of the vote. Democrat Ray Santarelli received only 10% of the vote showing the challenges of running in primaries without the support of either party. The nominations for county council and row offices weren’t contested. Frank Redding and George Dawson’s results for the 32-1-30 Magisterial District Judge in southern Nether Providence and Ridley were almost mirror images of one another with Frank Redding receiving the Democratic nomination and George Dawson the Republican one.

In statewide races, Kevin Brobson received the Republican nomination for Supreme Court and Timika Lane is currently leading the Democratic nomination for Superior Court. Lori Dumas and David Spurgeon hold slight leads over Amanda Green Hawkins for the Court of Common Pleas.

Pennsylvania stuck to its habits and all four ballot questions passed, including the disastrous ones allowing the heavily gerrymandered legislature to end state of emergency declarations by the governor, a result that will kill Pennsylvanians. The results were, however, closer than usual with only 53% voting yes to 46% no for each of the first two amendments.

In other races that might be of interest, it appears Chester blogger Stefan Roots has defeated the two incumbents for one of the seats on the Chester City Council with almost 42% of the vote. In Philly its reported that DA Krasner has defeated a challenger in the DA’s race. On the other side of the state, the incumbent mayor of Pittsburgh was defeated.

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