Information and Help from the County

Today at the Springfield vaccine clinic I usually volunteer at, they had a number of useful flyers with information and help available from the county. Please share if you know anyone that could benefit. First up is the flyer for DelCo’s Emergency Rental Assistance program, which can help with obligations dating back to April of last year.

There was also a flyer for help from PECO for utility bills as well as a sheet with information about self-care from the Office of Behavioral Health.

They had a flyer for homebound vaccinations for those that can’t get to one of the vaccination sites in the county. Some of the county’s regular vaccination sites will be closing in the coming weeks as the county starts to work on more pop-up clinics throughout the county.

Finally, they were handing out a flyer from the Pennsylvania Medical Society with facts designed to encourage those hesitating to get vaccinated. Today it was announced that 70% of Pennsylvania adults had received at least one shot, suggesting that we’re approaching the vaccination numbers needed to stop Covid. We’re almost there!

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