Nether Providence Legislative Meeting, May 2021

The Nether Providence Board of Commissioners held their regular legislative meeting on May 27th. The video is available on Youtube here. A moment of silence was held for the recent passing of former township commissioner Merv Harris, who served as a state representative and wrote one of the few histories of Nether Providence Township, which can be found in the township building or library.

There was a single public comment objecting to the new stop signs and traffic changes near the Springhaven Country Club and asking for a stop to further changes.

Public Safety

  • The township has a draft policy for closed circuit cameras in parks. The commissioners had questions about who decides on camera locations.
  • There was discussion of changing the two-way stop on Blakeley and Cedar Rd. to a four way stop to address line of sight issues by Foundry Church. The township will consult with neighbors.
  • The much-discussed trailer parking ordinance passed.

Public Works

  • There was a brief discussion about adding no parking areas on Brookhaven Rd., which will be looked at further. There was also an issue of an RV parked on Putnam, but as its parked legally there’s little the township can do to address the complaint.
  • Aqua is planning to dig up Sheffield, so paving that stretch has been cancelled. Instead the commissioners considered paving the bad part of Moore near NPE but ultimately decided to save the money for later paving projects.
  • The commissioners reviewed the criteria for street lights and then discussed a proposal to install 12 street lights on Scott and Wilder for $6,700 (with annual costs of about $10/year/light). What’s odd about this request is that the proposed street lights seem to meet few of the suggested criteria for installing street lights, but it is a dark area at night. More consultation will be done with residents.
  • The commissioners discussed Senate Bill 597, which would change regulation of wastewater management. Local governments are opposing it because it would mandate assessment of wastewater systems, yet another unfunded mandate from the state on local governments.

Parks & Open Space

  • The board approved applying for a Greenways Trails & Rec grant for Hepford Park. These funds would improve the playground, fences, the parking area, sports fields and the snack bar.
  • A group interested in installing skate parks in Delaware County sought approval to survey residents for interest in a skate park in the area. The board was ok with a survey.
  • Furness Park’s new trail will be dedicated at a ceremony on June 5th at 7 pm.
  • There was a lengthy discussion of an offer letter for the 1012 Glenn Rd. property being purchased using PEMA money. Unexpected costs relating to asbestos removal and having to pay school taxes may push the cost over the grant amount. Ultimately it was decided to discuss it further in executive session.


  • 310 Wallingford construction continues with more foundations and the board approved a further escrow release.
  • The township apparently has nothing in the zoning code allowing schools in Nether Providence. They are considering a zoning ordinance to allow schools with conditional use approval as currently no new school property is allowed under the current zoning code (existing schools are grandfathered in). This question arose as a charter school expressed interest in operating in Nether Providence.
  • The township approved a revised fee schedule, which had not been updated since 2008 and was out of date.


The finance report was mostly routine business. The board discussed two $680,000 payments from the American Rescue Act and what the funds could be used for. It is unknown if the funds can be shared with the fire company, but they can be used for storm system management and there are numerous projects in the township in need of such funding. The funds could possibly be used as a match for other grants. The township manager suggested possibly using a portion of the grant to improve the township’s cybersecurity.

Community Enhancement

  • There are only 5 spaces left in the township’s summer rec program, so sign up soon! More counselors age 16+ are needed.
  • The board discussed the need for a new comprehensive plan. The last was approved in 2006, and its recommended to redo it every 12-15 years. The township recommended that this comprehensive plan be done individually by Nether Providence rather than in cooperation with the other WSSD municipalities as was done last time. The township will look into the cost of a consultant for the project, expected to be in the $100,000 range, and will then look for grant opportunities to fund it.


  • The board passed a resolution to seek a $300,000 Watershed Restoration Protection Program grant for improvements in the Sproul Estates area.
  • The township received a quote for tree removal along East Rose Valley Rd. in preparation for the sidewalk project. Expect cost is not to exceed $8,000
  • The East Possum Hollow sidewalk project is out for bid, with expected bids coming in on June 10th.
  • The township is seeking a DCED multimodal grant for further work on the Providence Rd. sidewalk.

Manager Report

  • Vaccinations are available from the county at multiple locations, including new pop-up locations and the homebound program.
  • The SCS Apprise program is having a series of webinars to help senior citizens with Medicare.
  • South Media Fire Company is having their next Food Truck Friday on June 4th from 5-8 pm, and will have a pop-up vaccination site at the event. There was also some mention of a brunch event on June 19th, but I missed the details.
  • Electronics recycling at Gouley Park is scheduled for July 17th.
  • SHHS received a noise variance for an event on June 4th to go until midnight. So expect some noise in the area.
  • The township consulted with the county on the new county health department. Some functions such as food retail and on-site sewer inspections will be handled by the new health department instead of the township, as is currently the case. There will be some transitions, hopefully with few bumps.
  • Martha Burton Park will be cleaned up on June 19th in advance of the dedication on July 31st.
  • The township’s first digital newsletter is going out shortly. It will be distributed via commissioner’s email list as well as on Facebook and the website and there will be a signup option via Mailchimp.
  • Monday is Memorial Day in remembrance of those who have died in service to the country.

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