A Late Juneteenth Update and a Quick Call for Action

On Juneteenth a number of us helped local residents clean up Martha Burton Community Park ahead of its dedication next month. County councilwoman Christine Reuther and county controller Joanne Phillips were there as were several local candidates. Township parks commission member Nannette Whitsett took the lead in directing us and township manager Dave Grady was on hand to help out too. Pictures of the event follow below. But first, 5 minutes of your time!

Despite our township manager’s repeated efforts, Google has not renamed Martha Burton Community Park in Google Maps and it remains Woodrow Wilson Park (and its gotten 1 star ratings because of that name!). So please, go to Google Maps, search for Woodrow Wilson Park in South Media. As shown below, click on the circled “Suggest an edit” button. Then click “Change name or other details.” On the next page, where it says “Woodrow Wilson Park” (as shown below), replace it with “Martha Burton Community Park” and then send. Please ask others to do this as well, and let’s see if enough of us can get Google’s attention.

And, as promised, pictures from the event.

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