The Covid Vaccine Success in PA

On NPR’s Covid tracker, I saw that Pennsylvania hit 1 case/100k/day. Its on the threshold of going into the green, low risk category, something it hasn’t done since, well, I’m not sure it ever did. On the line chart, Covid rates are the lowest since the initial outbreak in March.

I pulled two more graphs that tell more of the vaccine story. The first is the PA state data on vaccinations per day. Vaccinations peaked in April.

The second graph are the PA Covid cases per day from usafacts. The last peak was in, wow, what a coincidence, also in April. Vaccines save lives.

We are close to ending the pain and loss caused by Covid, but there are still parts of DelCo that have the kind of dangerously low vaccination rates that have led to Delta variant outbreaks in other states. The DelCo Times ran another piece today about the threat of the more dangerous variants here with experts continuing to encourage people to get vaccinated. We’re so, so close now, let’s not trip just before the finish line.

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