Creekside Hosts Meet of Champions

According to the DelCo Times, Lansdowne dominated the DelCo Swim League Meet of Champions at Creekside this past weekend, wrapping up the 2021 swim season. Garden City resident Noah Plunkett was the lone winner from Creekside, winning the 14 and under backstroke. In the Suburban Swim League’s Meet of Champions, Swarthmore’s relay team broke a team record and Julia Parker won the 12 and under backstroke. Rose Valley’s Finnegan Lindsay and Swarthmore’s Sylvie Bergstrom also won.

Creekside belongs to the more local DelCo Swim League, a collection of smaller nearby pools all in DelCo. With its one win over Brookhaven, Creekside kept its place in the B Division this year. The Suburban Swim League is a collection of mostly larger pools spread across DelCo, MontCo and ChesCo. Rose Valley, Swarthmore and Wallingford Swim clubs all belong to the Suburban Swim League.

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