Solicitor Permit Revoked

The Nether Providence Police Department has announced that after numerous complaints, they have revoked the permit of Power Home Remodeling solicitors,

Based on receiving numerous formal complaints regarding the aggressive sales tactics of Power Home Remodeling solicitors, and numerous related posts on social media that have been monitored by the police department, the Township has decided to revoke the solicitation permits that had been previously issued to Power Home Remodeling. The company has been contacted and advised that their solicitation permits in Nether Providence Township have been revoked. If any resident experiences Power Home Remodeling continuing to solicit in the Township, they are encouraged to call 911 immediately and the police department will respond, investigate and issue citations for violating the Township Ordinance for soliciting.

I saw some of these complaints on NextDoor recently, but there must have been more. Commercial solicitors are required to apply for a permit from the township. Religious and political canvassers are protected by the first amendment, but the rules are stricter for businesses and charities soliciting for sales or money. Each individual solicitor is required to have a permit, which are valid for one year. Soliciting hours are 9 am until 7 pm Monday to Saturday.

I haven’t seen a list of up to date soliciting permits for the township, I’ll try to find one and update this post if I get it.

Update – Dave Grady posted a list of currently approved solicitors to the website for the township.

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