Nether Providence Township Legislative Meeting, September 2021

Nether Providence Township held its regular meeting last night – listed as a workshop and legislative meeting instead of just legislative. I’m not sure why, because in practice there’s little difference between the workshop and legislative meetings. The video of this fairly short meeting is available on Youtube here.

There were no public comments and with a few corrections the minutes were passed. There was no solicitor’s report and the engineer noted that the Gouley Park streambank restoration was underway and should be completed in a few weeks.

Public Safety

The board punted on updating the camera policy again, not quite ready to update it yet.

The board reviewed a traffic study on Vernon Rd. The results indicate little speeding there (although a surprisingly large amount of traffic). The commissioners will continue to reach out to concerned residents.

The solicitor has drafted an ordinance to decriminalize marijuana, the board is reviewing it.

Parks & Open Space

The board voted to apply for a PECO green region grant to continue work in Furness Park.

The annual RCAP program was opened up with a short turn-around. This is a program for large (>$1,000,000) projects in the township. I’m not sure why the state expects municipalities to come up with large, expensive projects in just a week or two. In order to apply for the grant, projects must first be listed with the program. The board decided to list vague improvement projects for the township’s public works and administration buildings.

The demolition bids for 1012 Glenn Rd. came in much lower the second time, at ~$49,000, but still over budget. The township has some contingency funds that can be used, and once the house is demolished they should be able to apply for lower school taxes (the township is on the hook for the school taxes for the rest of the year). The board decided that in order to lower the taxes, to avoid having a vacant house and just a desire to finish this grant off, to go ahead with the lowest bid.

Building and Zoning

The board passed ordinance 832 to bring it into compliance with the state’s new 5G law allowing antennas in the right of way. This ordinance will allow the township to collect a permitting fee.

The board again discussed zoning for marijuana dispensaries and other addictive substances, but no decisions were made. Various commissioners raised questions about allowing these substances to be sold near schools or in the private office space along Baltimore Pike. But it seems they aren’t sure what approach to take yet.

Finance & Adminstration

The township now has a list of possible projects for the American Rescue Act Funds. Some discussion of whether to use funds for MS4 stormwater projects – which need to be done, but are easier to apply for grants for. The list of possible projects wasn’t put up for public viewing, I might ask if we could get a copy on the website. (update – the township has posted the list of possible projects for us)

Budget season is coming, the first meeting is October 7th to hear from funded organizations like the fire companies and library.

The board approved the minimum municipal obligation for the township’s pension funds for next year. Thanks to good returns and careful planning in previous years, the township will need to contribute less this year than in recent years.

The board approved paying the usual bills.

Community Enhancement

Family Fun Day is coming up on October 2nd from noon – 3 pm at Strath Haven Middle School’s upper lot. There will be food, games, music and a vaccine clinic. Volunteers are still needed, signup at the link above. I’ll be there with the local NAACP to run a voter registration drive, so stop by if you need to update your registration due to a move or other change.

The township is running its 2nd annual Halloween decorating contest. I don’t see anything posted to the website yet, but if you’re interested in participating, contact Mona Price at . Judging will be done the week of October 25th.

Hometown Press is making a new map of the township, paid for by advertising. The township plans to pay $1800 for postage to mail these new maps to all residents. The old township maps date back to 2016 and some information is out of date. The commissioners recommended including information about school district regions, but the school district has not responded to the township’s requests. There are also plans for Hometown Press to create the township’s newsletters in the future, with the township providing content and Hometown Press funding it through advertising.

Public Works

Commissioner O’Connor has reached out to the residents living at the intersection where new street lights might be installed, but is still waiting until the new residents move in to consult with them.

The leaf collection schedule is on the township website and should be more closely followed this year due to planned catch up buffers. There were reminders that leaves should be placed on the curb, not in the street. It should only be leaves – yard waste is handled separately. And do not park vehicles in front of the leaves. Also its my experience that young children find the leaf vacuum pretty cool.


Work on the E Possum Hollow sidewalk project will start October 11th and continue through December. It will start up again in the spring. During the project, E Possum Hollow will be one way from Providence Rd. to the Wallingford train station.

The Pine Ridge Road storm water sinkhole has re-appeared and the township engineer is preparing plans for a more permanent repair using ARA funds.

There is a PENNDOT transportation alternative grant program open. The match for this grant is the pre-construction design cost. The township pre-applied for extension of the Providence Rd. sidewalk. The township manager met with DVRPC that made recommendations for improvements to the grant application and the township engineer is investing more time in developing more detailed plans to improve the grant applications likelihood for success.

PENNDOT’s multimodal grant is open and due Nov. 5th, so the board is thinking about what to apply for. This grant has a 30% match.

Manager Report

The latest vaccine information is available through the county. Due to slightly differing recommendations from different federal agencies, its not clear what the final recommendations for booster shots will be.

September is senior month for COSA.

The census data is now available, the township population rose 5% in the last 10 years to 14,525.

The Solid Waste Authority is holding a public meeting on September 30th in the DelCo Council chambers in Media to hear questions from residents.

The South Media Fire Company is doing its fund drive, expect to receive mailers (although I’m not sure they mail as far south as Garden City, we usually get requests from GCFC).

The last household hazardous waste event of the year is coming up on October 16th. Registration is required!

DelCo has formally announced its county health department, which has been approved by the state. Next year it will take over some functions currently managed by the township such as food, well, and on-site septic systems inspections as well as providing other health services.

The next meeting is the budget meeting on October 7th.

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