Covid Stops Bus 21

WSSD has sent out an email this morning that there will be no Bus 21. Due to the number of Covid cases among transportation workers, they have run out of bus drivers and have been unable to secure a replacement.

In other school Covid news, the Economist had a piece last week about the effect of the return to school on Covid cases. The study compares districts that started school early vs. ones that started later. It found that students returning to school increased Covid case rates in the community by about 25% after 4 weeks. But, the effect was not uniform,

The effect was not the same everywhere, however. According to our model, as well as reducing the overall number of cases, the county’s vaccination rate played a big role in influencing what happened after schools returned. In counties where many people were jabbed, the start of term had little effect on the spread of the virus. In counties with the lowest vaccine take-up, cases surged after schools returned.

Vaccinations protect our community and keep our children in school. Even if the younger students can’t be vaccinated, vaccination of the adults and older children around them slows the spread of the virus. Study after study after study shows this. The county has information on vaccinations.

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