Pipelines In Garden City

Today’s big news is that Attorney General Shapiro announced criminal charges against Energy Transfer LP over undisclosed leaks during construction of the Mariner East pipeline. The discharges happened at 22 sites in 11 counties suggesting wide-spread negligence during construction. The company has already paid $16.4 million in fines for polluting waterways and drinking water even before the latest charges.

But what about here in Garden City. The Garden City area has a number of pipelines crossing it and seems to serve as the only crossing point for pipelines running east to west in Delaware County. The Philly Junction pipeline operated by MIPC carries refined products through Crum Woods from a pipeline in Swarthmore to Aston. It runs just south of the middle and high school and then meets up with Buckeye Partners descriptively named JD734BH pipeline, which carries multiple products from Philly out to the just north of the Delaware border. These pipelines meet near NPE and then head west into Brookhaven.

Three or four pipelines run along Ridley Creek near Taylor Arboretum and through Chester Park before continuing up Ridley Creek into Brookhaven. Buckeye Partners RJ740MX pipeline carries multiple products in one of the pipelines from Eddystone north through DelCo to ChesCo. Sunoco’s Point Breeze Discharge pipeline carries undisclosed products (the line is blank) from Philly up to the area near Linvilla. There’s two Sunoco pipelines listed here, an 8″ and a 12″, but I’m unclear what that means. Finally, the CJCT-EOLN pipeline run by Texas Eastern Transmission carries natural gas.

All of these pipelines are listed as active. I’ll have to do some historical research to find out more about how Garden City became the East to West crossing point for pipelines in the county, so look for that in the future.

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