Community Conversations with the Superintendent and Other School Business

Superintendent Dr. Marseille is holding a series of community conversations in the coming weeks at each of the schools, starting tomorrow. They’re outside and in the early evening. There’s a sign-up form, but pre-registration is not required to attend. You can attend as many sessions as you’d like.

Tonight is also the NPE PTO meeting at 7 pm, as well as the Educational Affairs Committee meeting in room B226 (I’m assuming at the middle school?). There’s mention of school board candidates on the NPE PTO agenda, but apparently that’s informational for a planned all-elementary zoom for the candidates on October 21st. Also on the PTO’s agenda is the DelCo Turkey Trot (you can register here) and an Election Day Bake Sale, which was fantastic last time around.

From my previous notes, it sounded like the topics at the Educational Affairs Committee meeting will be the school start time and developing the comprehensive plan. The webpage for these meetings point out that questions and comments at these committee meetings must be related to items on the agenda. Which makes it ironic that I haven’t easily found an agenda for this meeting posted anywhere. Also note that although the upcoming school board meeting and NPE PTO meeting are listed on the front page of the WSSD website in the events area, tonight’s educational affairs committee meeting is not.

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