October Covid Cases

As we get regular emails from the school district about Covid cases, I took a look at the state’s database. Its helpful to look at the trends for the Philadelphia region vs. the state as a whole.

The top left is Pennsylvania as a whole while the other three are DelCo, ChesCo and Philly. While cases are rolling off elsewhere in PA – in places like Lehigh and the northeast – here in southeast PA, we’ve reached a steady-state or gradual decline rather than getting to the other side of Covid like in past surges. Its likely once vaccination opens for children 5-12 we might start to see a drop-off.

WSSD’s case rate also seems fairly flat with 7-12 cases every week since the first week of school. There have been no cases reported from the transportation department in 3 weeks, but all schools have now had at least one case with the middle school having its first case this week.

Stay safe, it looks like this wave is here for a while yet.

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