Nether Providence Township Legislative Meeting, Oct. 2021

The township held its regular legislative meeting for the month tonight. The video is available here. It was a fairly short meeting. It was noted today is Hope for Haillie Teen Mental Health Awareness Day, as proclaimed at the previous meeting. The township engineer noted that most grant work at Gouley Park (streambank restoration) and Garden City Manor (sewer work) has been completed.

Public Safety

The board voted to advertise the draft ordinance decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana in the township.

The board noted that during football games, parking on Smithfield Rd. will be temporarily restricted to one side so the road is not blocked.

The county health department will begin inspections in the township in January. The township’s current inspector, Carl Spangler, is retiring after over 25 years.

Parks & Open Space

Gouley Park, phase 1 work, primarily demolition of Summit School, is nearing approval by the state (long after the work has been completed). Once approved, the township can proceed to phase 2, building a trail and perhaps a snack bar.

Building & Zoning

The Media Walk development requested a small alteration flipping the location of two houses and requested an escrow release.


The police pension restatement saga continues and the township engineer continues work on potential ARA funded projects. The budget is currently waiting on numbers to come in and the planned Nov. 4th budget meeting may be cancelled. There was some discussion of seeking changes to the township’s insurance policy to cover fire truck rental.

Community Enhancement

There were 30 entries in the Halloween decoration contest with 100 Ash Rd., 503 Scott and 232 Grandview the winners.

Public Works

The board approved a new streetlight, but the audio was poor. It was somewhere around Scott, Wilder and Cooper. The regular highway report was read. The township is also applying for a Low Volume Road Grant to see drainage and resurfacing improvements on Forest Dr.


The East Possum Hollow Sidewalk project has been definitely delayed to spring and is expected to start in March now.

The township missed its chance to comment on Delcora’s Act 537 plan for wastewater. The planning commission had raised environmental justice issues in Delcora’s plan, but the board felt it had insufficient information to comment. The engineer suggested that the board will eventually have to vote up or down on the final plan.

The township can apply for a Green Light Go grant to improve intersections and are looking at Turner and Baltimore Pike again. Unclear if Penndot will approve as they’ve opposed a signal there in the past.

Manager Report

Covid vaccination information is available on the county website. The county is focused on boosters for first responders and others at risk.

The township is holding a blood drive on Dec. 29th. Blood supplies are usually low over the holiday season, you can sign up at the Red Cross website by searching for Nether Providence.

Low income home energy assistance is available to help residents with heating bills. Information is available from the state here.

CAADC’s weatherization program is available to help residents improve their home’s energy efficiency. More information is available at their website here.

The township Shade Tree Commission is planting trees on Nov. 20th at 10 am, location is still to be determined.

The township manager noted that house numbers must be visible to help first responders. This is required by township ordinance, house numbers should be at least 3″ in height.

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