2021 Election Results So Far

Although it appears there are mail-in ballots still out, especially in Wards 1 and 2, it does not appear they will change the results. Voters in Nether Providence largely chose to keep things as they are in the township. County results are posted here, and state results are posted here.

For the township board, Matt Garson and Kaitlin McKenzie won re-election. Although the mail-ins for Ward 2 are missing, it appears both likely won by larger margins than before. Marty Molloy was unopposed in Ward 7, and long-time commissioner Robert O’Connor won in Ward 6 by a similar margin to four years ago. At this time, it appears Shaina Barnes has won in Ward 5 by only 15 votes, a closer result than two years ago in a lower turnout election. This result would return the board to a 6-1 Democratic majority.

For school board, again, ward 1 and 2 mail-ins have not been included in the totals yet, but as most mail-in votes favor Democrats, the remaining votes are unlikely to change the results. Rachel Holbert and Mary Jo Witkowski-Smith won by margins likely similar to two years ago in Region 2 with the margin of victory largely coming from results in Rose Valley and precinct 5-2. Results in Region 1 are not comparable to previous years as Republicans have not often fielded candidates. Kelly Wachtman, Kevin Henry and Nannette Whitsett won by large margins in the heavily Democratic region. These results return the school board to 9-0 Democratic control.

Kris Laubscher won re-election as Tax Collector with a 500 larger vote margin, which is likely to increase once the remaining mail-ins are counted. The results in this township-wide race suggest turnout in Nether Providence was slightly below 2017 numbers, which were lower than 2019 suggesting a shift in civic engagement in the post-Trump era.

The county’s website is unfortunately not reporting numbers on the county-wide races (unless you go precinct by precinct), but the state-reported results from the county’s judicial elections suggest Democrats held a slight edge in votes in Delaware County. In the state-wide judicial races, it appears that Republicans swept all the races and held onto all the judges up for retention.

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