Results of the 2021 Election

The write-ins have now been posted, so we have a near-complete picture of the results of the 2021 election. Here are the current winners of offices up for election in Nether Providence Township in 2021. I am not including judicial retentions – all judges were retained. Results in italics are write-ins and are dependent on eligible voters being identified and willing to serve.

State Offices

Justice of the Supreme Court Kevin Brobson
Judge of the Superior CourtMegan Sullivan
Judge of the Commonwealth CourtLori Dumas and Stacy Marie Wallace

County Offices

Judge of the Court of Common PleasDeborah Krull and Tinu Moss
County CouncilRichard Womack and Kevin Madden
SheriffJerry Sanders
County ControllerJoanne Phillips
Register of WillsRachel Ezzell Berry

District Offices

Magisterial District Judge 32-1-30George Dawson
WSSD School Director, Region 1 (4 year)Kelly Wachtman and Kevin Henry
WSSD School Director, Region 2 (4 year)Rachel Holbert
WSSD School Director, Region 1 (2 year)Nannette Whitsett
WSSD School Director, Region 2 (2 year) Mary Jo Witkowski-Smith

Township Offices

Tax CollectorKris Laubscher
ConstablePaul Jacobs and William Sweeney
Commissioner, 2nd WardMatt Garson
Commissioner, 4th WardKaitlin McKenzie
Commissioner, 6th WardRobert O’Connor
Commissioner, 5th Ward (2 year)Shaina Barnes
Commissioner, 7th Ward (2 year)Marty Molloy

Election Board Offices

Each precinct elects a Judge of Election and two Inspectors of Election. Whoever receives the most votes is majority inspector and the second highest vote total is elected minority inspector.

Judge of Election, Precinct 1-1Gary Sloskey
Inspector of Election, Precinct 1-1Heather Sayette and see note 2
Judge of Election, Precinct 1-2Ruthann Slowik or Kristy Chen – see note 1
Inspector of Election, Precinct 1-2Kristy Chen and see note 3
Judge of Election, Precinct 2-1Joyce Romoff
Inspector of Election, Precinct 2-1Rich Wicentowski and see note 4
Judge of Election, Precinct 2-2Michael Mayer
Inspector of Election, Precinct 2-2Richard House and Ruth Seidelman, see note 5
Judge of Election, Precinct 3James Mason
Inspector of Election, Precinct 3Jane Miluski and see note 6
Judge of Election, Precinct 4-1Thomas Gallagher
Inspector of Election, Precinct 4-1Laurie Friedman and see note 7
Judge of Election, Precinct 4-2Helen Davis Picher
Inspector of Election, Precinct 4-2Carey Corson and Kathy Labrum, see note 8
Judge of Election, Precinct 5-1Michael Bailey
Inspector of Election, Precinct 5-1Jacqueline Knight and see note 9
Judge of Election, Precinct 5-2Laura Orsetti
Inspector of Election, Precinct 5-2Donald Downie and Lisa Jacobs
Judge of Election, Precinct 6-1Thomas Reinke
Inspector of Election, Precinct 6-1Douglas Moore, see note 10
Judge of Election, Precinct 6-2Stephanie Bruccoliere
Inspector of Election, Precinct 6-2See note 11
Judge of Election, Precinct 7-1Jessica Stillman Lloyd
Inspector of Election, Precinct 7-1Anne Blackburn and Jim Clavin
Judge of Election, Precinct 7-2Candice Carbone
Inspector of Election, Precinct 7-2Michael Zdilla and Louis Milone

Note 1 – both candidates received 2 write-in votes, the others are not for valid voters in the precinct. If tied, there will be a coin toss to determine the winner. Jeffrey Gove received three votes for different spellings and is the likely winner if confirmed.

Note 2 – David Hackett received two votes with different spellings, everyone else received one so its difficult to determine who will become minority inspector.

Note 3 – Kelli Gresch Weiler received two votes with different spellings that could be merged, everyone else received one vote. And if Kristy Chen serves as Judge of Election, one or both inspectors may be chosen by random chance.

Note 4 – several people received one vote, so it’ll likely be a coin toss to determine who is minority inspector.

Note 5 – Richard House received two write-ins, plus one more other spelling. Ruth Seidelman appears to be the only other registered voter in the precinct to have received a write-in and would be minority inspector.

Note 6 – several people received one write-in vote for minority inspector, so it will likely be a coin toss.

Note 7 – Dr. Who received two votes for minority inspector, but assuming the Time Lord is not an eligible voter in Nether Providence 4-1 it will be a coin toss among several other people.

Note 8 – Kathy Labrum appears to be the only eligible voter in 4-2 to get a vote for minority inspector.

Note 9 – Several people got one vote for minority inspector, so it will come down to a coin toss.

Note 10 – Thomas Reinke received 4 votes for inspector, but he cannot serve as both JoE and IoE, so Doug Moore will become majority inspector. There were no other write-ins cast so minority inspector is vacant.

Note 11 – Noone received more than 1 vote for inspector of election in 6-2, so both inspectors could be any of a dozen people.

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