Nether Providence Township 2022 Draft Budget

Nether Providence Township has posted their draft 2022 budget to the website. Overall it shows pretty stable budget with most changes due to the life resuming normality post-pandemic. The draft budget shows a 2.9% increase in revenue with a 3.1% increase in expenditures. The line for real estate tax, which makes up the bulk of the township’s revenue, shows a 3.3% increase currently. Keep in mind, this is a draft (and its likely changed even since I last looked at it), they’re still tinkering. Also of note, township taxes make up only about a quarter of property tax – with the rest going to the county and school district.

I’ve merged several categories from the draft budget to group similar items together for clarity (and to avoid running out of colors for pie slices). The inner rings are the 2022 budget and the outer rings are the 2021 budget. There are not major shifts. In the revenue chart, the bulk of the township’s revenue comes from property tax. The other tax category is mostly real estate transfer tax and local services tax (it also includes the small per capita tax, which should have been axed decades ago). The licenses and permits is dominated by the cable TV franchise. The other big blocks are funds from the state, county and Rose Valley (for the fire company coverage) and public safety, which is an odd name for fees for permits and inspections and a hodgepodge of other township services that raise money through fees.

On the expense side the biggest block is for fire and police services (with about 90% of that police since the fire departments are volunteer). After that are the blocks for township administration (which includes salaries for many of the township employees) and roads. The sizeable “other expenses” block is mostly pension contributions. Debt and insurance make up another significant chunk of the expenses. Waste disposal and inspections are small slices. The small recreation and culture wedge includes funds for the parks, library, athletic associations, summer camp (which is revenue neutral), and many of the township’s other amenities. Its pretty incredible how much is covered in that small piece of the pie.

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