Recent and Upcoming Events

This Friday evening is South Media Fire Company’s Food Truck Friday, listed vendors are Farmstead, Plum Pit, Auntie Anne’s and Jerome’s Bakery. The Garden City Fire Company Christmas float is coming up on Dec. 11-12. The Rose Valley boy scout troop has their tree sale set up now at Rose Valley and Brookhaven while supplies last. Next week at the township’s Dec. 9th meeting, the board will be taking suggestions for the CBDG proposals for the Garden City Manor area (the only part of the township eligible). The week of Dec. 13th is the last pass through for the township leaf trucks (if you aren’t mulching).

The Christmas Carol is running at the Hedgerow Theatre while Anything Goes at the Players Club of Swarthmore. The Community Arts Center’s holiday sale is also beginning shortly. Furness Library is having an outdoor movie night coming up as well.

The township tree planting at Martha Burton and Sapovitts Park and the DelCo Turkey Trot at NPE were both well attended. Here’s a few photos from these recent events

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