Garden City Weather Station

Current weather data in Garden City showing rain is coming.

I have added a new link to the front page to the weather station data we’ve installed. You can find all the data here. I’ve tried to embed the widget, but alas, that requires a more expensive plan for this blog.

You can see from the current data, a weather system is passing through. The pressure has been falling and humidity is nearing 100%. The weather station tracks rainfall, wind, UV and other data that may be of use when you’re outside.

I primarily installed this station as an aid to Skywarn. Skywarn is a part of the National Weather Service that collects reports from amateurs about localized dangerous weather – snow and ice, extreme winds and heavy rainfall primarily. Anyone can sign up to be a spotter. The amateur radio community is active in the Skywarn community. When extreme weather events happen, radio can be one of the few ways to collect these reports. I often listen to the local repeater during weather events and you can follow the progress of storm fronts in real time as amateur radio operators report it passing through their communities.

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