Nether Providence Township Legislative Meeting, Dec. 2021

The Nether Providence Township Board of Commissioners held their last regular meeting of 2021 yesterday (although there will be one last budget meeting on Dec. 23 to pass the budget). The video is available on Youtube.


The board approved the minutes for the November meetings.

There are vacancies on the township’s Planning, EAC, Shade Tree and Historical commissions and a need for alternatives on the Zoning Hearing Board. Appointments will be made in the new year. I posted more about these here, contact your commissioner if you’re interested.

The solicitor presented the state’s highly controversial opioid lawsuit settlement to the board for approval. The lawsuit settlement with the Sackler family requires buy-in from the township for the county to get money from the settlement. As the township is unlikely to file suit against those responsible for the opioid epidemic, the board of commissioners accepted the settlement.

The engineer noted that the township received the permit from PennDoT for work on the E Rose Valley sidewalk project and it can now go out for bid to potentially start this spring after many years of delays.

Chief Splain remarked on a generic threat to schools on Tiktok circulating in the community. In an update this morning, the police noted that the person responsible has been identified and does not live in the area.

Public Safety

The township received a request for Penn in South Media to be made one way because it is very narrow. The board noted that both Penn and Markham do not meet PennDoT’s requirements to be considered roads, and will consider making both one-way to reduce parking problems along them. Nearby residents will be consulted.

A resident from Byre Ln. spoke in public comments asking for a solution to high school students parking there. The board approved a 2 hour parking limit along Byre Ln. to resolve the issue. Chief Splain noted that this continues a process of whack-a-mole where high school students move from parking on one street to the next, and Commissioner McKenzie suggested reaching out to the school district to find a better solution.

A resident made a request for a stop sign at Beech and Hastings here in Garden City, but the board noted that the location does not meet any of the requirements for a stop sign so is not eligible, so the request will be turned down.

Parks and Open Space

The board reapproved a resolution for RACP funding from the state to accommodate changes to wording requested by the state.

Building and Zoning

The board discussed an ordinance limiting the sale of marijuana in the township to industrial zones. The planning commission approved it, but noted the solicitor should review it to determine it is not exclusionary. The board will seek an opinion from the solicitor on the issue. I’m not clear the board approved advertising the ordinance yet.

Finance & Administration

The budget will be passed at a meeting on Dec. 23rd. There have been no significant changes since Dec. 2nd.

The board ratified a services agreement with Dunlap to cover the work that had been done by the finance director.

The township accepted payment of $340k in place of repaving from Aqua for roads Aqua has dug up.

Community Enhancement

The board approved a CDBG grant for repaving in the Garden City Manor with a secondary request for funding for improvements to Hepford.

Public Works

The board discussed speeding issues on Putnam, which is becoming a concern again. The police have done some enforcement, but it has not resolved the issue. The board requested the township reach out to the condo boards in the region to see if speed bumps would help.

The township is still waiting for quotes for the street lights to be installed in the 6th Ward.

The township and board held a meeting to discuss the guard rails along Avondale. Three sections were identified as having issues. At the intersection of Avondale and E Rose Valley, the end cap does not meet specifications and needs to be replaced at a cost of $13k. The guard rail in the middle section near Leiper Park is not needed and in disrepair. The guard rail near Niblick is also in disrepair and must be replaced as there is a ravine on the other side of it. Replacement will cost $50k. The board asked the township to remove the middle section of the guard rail near the park and regrade it. They hope to install fencing there to prevent people from driving into the park. They are waiting to decide on the rest of the work until they receive a final report on the problems.

The township received $38k through the DelCo low volume road grant for road work on Forrest Ave.

Addition to the Agenda

The board added an item to the agenda. A buyer is interested in purchasing property in the Chesley office complex to build a day care. This would not meet the zoning requirements for the professional offices in the area and they wanted to know if the board was interested in altering the zoning. The board seemed hesitant to amend the zoning, but open to a variance dependent on seeing actual plans and if neighboring residents in Bowling Green do not object.


The board accepted a $500k grant for the Providence Rd. sidewalk project to extend the sidewalk south from E. Rose Valley Rd.

The board also reviewed the designs for the sidewalk extension north from E Rose Valley to Copples.

The township has completed the road assessment in preparation for next year’s repaving. Commissioner Cooper again raised the idea of taking out a loan to pay for additional repaving. They asked the engineer to come up with prices for how much it would cost to pave all of the most in-need roads.

The board discussed the EAC’s 2022 planning meeting and their work on the zero carbon , the zero waste and native plants resolutions the board has passed previously.

Manager Report

Covid vaccinations are available from the county, which is hosting numerous events over the holiday season.

The food drive at the township continues for dropping off items for the Media Food Ban.

Delaware County is doing a broadband survey, which ironically can be filled out online though the township also has paper copies.

The township did not get the DCED grant for Hepford Park, which is yet another rejection for Hepford. The township also did not get a grant from the Watershed Protection program for work on Governors, but that work can likely be done through ARA funds.

The county has a cold weather plan to help vulnerable residents through the winter.

The county received further funds for the emergency rental assistance program. Evictions are likely coming, so if you need help with rent, you can find more information about the program here.

The township’s blood drive still needs more to sign up. You can sign up at the Red Cross’s website by searching for Nether Providence.

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