WSSD Schools Closed

Phone calls and emails have been going out announcing WSSD schools are closed today due to the possibility of snow.

Although accumulated totals for today’s snow do not appear to be dramatic, the timing and unpredictable of this weather track is  less than desirable. WSSD will be closing schools today, January 3rd, due to the anticipated weather. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause families. Hopefully, our children can get outside and play a little bit if the scenario allows for it. 
And… If I am wrong in making this decision, please know it was done in earnest. 

See you all bright and early Tuesday morning.  Thank you.

Dr. Wagner Marseille

Skywarn sent out a notice yesterday that winter weather was expected in the area where Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania meet. The current forecast has an 80% chance of 2-4 inches of snow, mostly in the morning and gusts of up to 25 mph while the high for Monday is a mere 33 F now. Its a pretty drastic change from yesterday, so bundle up if you’re going out.

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