WSSD Schools Closed Again, Slowing Covid Hopefully

The district emailed a little earlier this morning.

Good Morning,

All Wallingford-Swarthmore School District schools and buildings will be closed today, Friday, January 7, 2022. Operational staff will report as directed for inclement weather removal.  All school activities, clubs, and athletics are canceled.

Stay safe.
Dr. Wagner Marseille

Snow arrived during the night, so it seemed an easier decision this time around. The snow has conveniently allowed the schools to slow the rapidly growing number of cases. In two days this week, the district reported 31 Covid cases, the largest single day numbers so far. NPE particularly was on track to be potentially forced to shut down if the numbers continued as they were. This comes as the county is reporting hospitals are at-capacity. The ER doctors I’ve heard from tell stories of working over a week without break and of nurses watching over more patients than they can responsibly manage. Its a risky time to get ill in DelCo, and a recent news story put us as the third worst in the state for Covid cases.

The snow comes at a good time for the county’s schools, but be especially careful shoveling and sledding today.

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