Nether Providence Township Workshop Meeting, Jan 2022

The township board of commissioners held their first business meeting of the year this week. The video is available on Youtube. The board sent a letter of thanks to Rep. Krueger and Sen. Kane for their help in securing grant funding for the township.

Appointments to Boards and Commissions

The board appointed:

  • Five members to the Environmental Advisory Committee and one adhoc member.
  • Four members to the Historical Committee and one adhoc member.
  • Two members to the planning commission
  • One member to the Shade Tree commission.

The board chose to wait on the Zoning Hearing Board because the procedure requires a resolution. They are still looking for alternates for the Zoning Hearing Board.

Parks and Open Space

The township received $108k in DCNR grant funding for improvements to Martha Burton Park including a playground. The grant requires a 50-50 match, but materials and labor can make up some of that. The township hopes to install the new playground equipment this year.

The township continues to pass motions for the RACP grant for work already done at Gouley Park. Even though the work was done in 2020, the state has still not reimbursed the township. The township passed another resolution setting aside $500k for the work, which will, in theory, be eventually reimbursed.

Hepford Park received $140k in funding from the state. Rep. Krueger helped secure the funds, which will pay for playground, fencing and snack bar improvements.

Public Safety

The township continues to collect feedback from residents about making Markham and Penn one way in South Media.


The board voted 6-1 to advertise a hearing for the marijuana dispensary zoning change, which would restrict sales to industrial zoning. The public hearing will be at the February meeting.

The board passed another escrow release for the Media Walk development.

Finance and Administration

The township approved Portnoff’s efforts to use the Low Income Water Assistance Program to pay resident’s wastewater and water bills. This program helps those near or below the poverty line with water and wastewater bills.

Community Enhancement

The board approved submitting a DVRPC Top grant for sidewalks along providence. This grant is for creative plans to lessen use of single-occupancy cars and its not clear a sidewalk will qualify. There was discussion of bus stop improvements or paths along Crum Creek.

The board approved purchasing up to 30 trees from the Philadelphia Horticultural Society’s bare root tree program. We’re going to need some help getting that many planted!

Public Works

The highway report was read, it was the usual maintenance work.

There was a lengthy discussion of road resurfacing. The township engineer did an analysis of the township’s roads. It would cost in the mid to low $200k range to fix all very poor roads, $3.1 million to fix poor roads, and $3 million more to fix fair roads. Citing current economic conditions, Commissioner Cooper is proposing a 3-5 year loan for $450k – $1 million to resurface more roads now. This would not cover all the poor roads, and would leave the township with a fraction of its road resurfacing budget for the next few years if any additional roads needed maintenance. The township receives $205-260k per year from liquid fuels, plus additional funds from the county and reimbursement from Aqua for roads Aqua digs up. This year the township has $550k total to spend from these sources.

The board approved sending out to bid the very poor and Aqua roads without giving the public an opportunity to comment (or even listing what roads were in these categories). This year’s road resurfacing funds are expected to cover most of that work with the hope of getting the bid out early will decrease the cost. It was noted that some of the roads may be private and other roads may be torn up by Aqua soon, so even this list sent out for bid is likely to change.

The board then accepted the county’s aid funds, but an amount was not given. Usually its fairly small.

The board continues to collect feedback on the idea of safety improvements to Putnam Ln.

The guide rail on Avondale along Leiper Park will be removed, but the board is still waiting for the final report before considering further work. Commissioner McKenzie suggested a dog park in Leiper Park and it was mentioned the Parks Commission is considering it.

The board approved a grant for drainage improvements on Forest Ave.


Bids are coming in for engineering and design work for the Providence Rd. sidewalk between E Rose Valley and Copples. Bids are due Jan 26th.

The board decided to delay on approval of the Delcora 537 plan (wastewater treatment). Other townships have approved and its possible if the township doesn’t approve it, they would have to develop their own 537 plan. Some commissioners wanted more time to examine the plan.

Penndot approved the design submissions for the E Rose Valley sidewalk, the board approved advertising bids for the project.

The next EAC meeting is on Jan 26th.

Manager’s Report

The county continues to have information on Covid vaccinations and free testing.

The DelCo Emergency Rental Assistance Program is still open to help those needing assistance with rent.

Delaware County Services for the Aging is holding a 6-week program for those 60 and over for diabetes self-management.

The township, Swarthmore and Media will be holding a shredding/recycling event on Feb 12th at Gouley Park. A flier will be coming out shortly. There will be a fee for some items. It was also mentioned that Retrievr will pick up many items from your house.

Citizens Against Trash is holding a cleanup on MLK Day. They are meeting under the blue route at the Leiper Smedley trail at 11 am The Friends of Houston Park are also holding a cleanup on MLK Day at 10am.

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