Brief News Items

The post office is launching its program to distribute free Covid-19 rapid tests. The details are available at the new website. The ordering process is really easy, it took me about 30 seconds. The website claims that you will receive 4 rapid tests per house in a week or two. I’ve seen reports that the system only allows one purchase per apartment building instead of per apartment, but that seems to be a bug.

Also yesterday, the school district, sent out a new Covid newsletter. According to the district’s dashboard, case rates over the last 2 weeks now lie between 1.23% at the high school to 2.82% at SRS. Meanwhile, according to the state’s dashboard, Covid hospital patients and patients on ventilators continue to rise as those numbers lag behind case rates, which look to have peaked in DelCo.

The national press is reporting the new charges in the Fanta Bility shooting in Sharon Hills. The murder charges against the teenagers have now been dropped and new charges filed against the officers that fired the shots. You can find the DelCo Times article here, WHYY is here, the BBC article here, and the Inquirer’s story here. Of these, the Inquirer’s is by far the most complete. These charges were only made possible by involvement of the community and building pressure on the district attorney’s office. But the first three stories fail to mention that, while the Inquirer gives a much more complete picture.

The Swarthmorean has updated its website and none of its content seems to be publicly available anymore, so I won’t link to that anymore. Not sure when that change happened. I’m also not sure about the look of its new front page, seems to have a lot of empty space.

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