The Bridges Of Delaware County

In the aftermath of today’s much reported bridge failure in Pittsburgh, it seemed a good time to look up the state of our own local bridges. The state through PennDOT maintains an easily accessible map and listing of bridges and their conditions. In DelCo, one bridge is listed as failed (in Sharon Hills), nine as serious and 45 others poor.

Looking through that list, there are two bridges in Nether Providence listed in poor condition, both are over the SEPTA line. The Providence Rd. crossing has always seemed ominous. Built in 1928, there are holes through the sidewalk and in places it makes ominous noises when stepped on. The other poor bridge is the Manchester Ave. bridge over the SEPTA line built in 1895.

Here is a list of other bridges of note close to us. They are all in poor condition except the Ridley Creek culvert in Upper Providence, which is serious.

RoadCrossingYear of ConstructionMunicipality
Paper Mill Rd.Whiskey Run (Smedley Park)1965Springfield
Thompson Ave.Whiskey Run1925Springfield
Ridley Creek Rd.Ridley Creek 1912Upper Providence
Middletown PikeBaltimore Pike1935Middletown
Crum Lynn Rd.Rail line1947Ridley
Chester PikeCrum Creek1926Ridley

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