NPE Needs Sciency Parents!

One of the last events I went to at NPE (besides graduation) was STEM night. Even at that last event it was clear we were on borrowed time. But I don’t think any of us anticipated it’d be two years before STEM night returned. Before the pandemic we had a core of about two dozen parents that had been doing STEM night regularly, but due to the pandemic, that was disrupted and many of our children have since moved on to the middle school.

STEAM night (now with added art) will return on March 28th at NPE. It needs parents to run tables that are science, medical or engineering-related. You can sign up here. The activities don’t have to be complex, the goal is to engage little children in the weirdness of the natural world. That has involved ice cream, marshmallows, gumdrops, robots, and in my case, magic wands (aka portable van de Graaff generators). If your child graduated recently, come back and help this continue! If your children aren’t quite ready for kindergarten, it’s a preview of coming attractions.

If you aren’t sciency, there’s still a need for other helpers at the sign-up genius too! And if you know someone that could run a table – college or graduate students in the area, education students, etc., please share this with them. The link to sign up as a helper is here.

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