Chronicle On Indefinite Hiatus

I had planned to do one last post before pausing (the township meeting is here), but I couldn’t find the energy for it today. I originally intended to take a temporary break from the blog around constable training, but the first part of 2022 has broken my spirit. So I’m leaving this project on hold indefinitely.

This past week, I saw a quote on a blog by a UU that summarized it well,

For many years, I was driven by the belief that the world could be a better place and that it was my duty and obligation to contribute to making it so.

I’m not sure I believe that any more. The combination of Trumpism, people’s horrifying reaction to Covid, and the general descent into *waves hands* all of this, plus some personal stuff that happened before all of that, broke me.

I’m perfectly aware that history is full of horrors. I just thought we’d managed to improve, a little, and that therefore things could get better.

Like that author, the dream of a better world has gone out for me. And without being able to see a better world, its not possible to do the work to make it happen. Work like this blog. Maybe it’ll return, maybe not. But until then, thanks for reading and all the encouragement.

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