Reducing Gun Violence Lecture Series

Federal and state legislators have spent the last several decades rolling back reasonable gun rules despite widespread opposition to these changes, with the supreme court the latest to strike down common sense measures that have previously protected communities. As a result, gun violence has risen steadily with regular mass shooting events. This is not normal, as this level of violence exceeds that of most other wealthy nations. For example, the rate of gun deaths in America is over 200 times Japan‘s.

So with little being done to protect Americans at the federal or state level, it comes to local efforts to take what actions they can to protect communities. Along those lines, Ohev Shalom near Garden City is hosting a two part series on reducing gun violence. The first part on July 19th at 7 pm is a discussion with local law enforcement and the second on July 26 at 7 pm is a panel discussion about community initiatives to reduce gun violence.

You must RSVP to attend and proof of vaccination is required (see the link above).

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