Events at the Park, August 13th

Nether Providence Township has two events coming up on August 13th. The first is the second movie night – Encanto will be playing at Sapovits Park at 8 pm. I think that’s the right spelling of Sapovits. According to the board, the Sapovits family has noted that it gets misspelled a lot. The park is named after a former commissioner that served for 25 years. If Commissioner O’Connor serves one more term, I think he’ll make it to that milestone too. I don’t think the 6th ward has any parks – Chester Park is the closest but it’s entirely in Chester I think. Given that Commissioner O’Connor has read the infrastructure reports for many years now, will we have the O’Connor Public Works Building soon?

The second event is the bulk trash pickup at Hepford Park from 10 am to 2 pm for township residents. I’m not sure it’ll be quite as fun as the movie, but there’s always the new playground to play at. I’ve written up the history of Hepford Park before, which is also named after a former commissioner.

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