Nether Providence Legislative Meeting, September 2022

The township board of commissioners held their regular meeting on the 8th of September. The video is available on youtube and the agenda on the township’s website.

Public Comment

The board approved a payment in lieu of a sidewalk for the subdivision of 209 Hastings. Hastings already has a sidewalk, so this sidewalk would have been along Beech.

Government Relations

PECO has 4 projects planned in the township, but the township is still awaiting a meeting with them before work can proceed. Commissioner McKenzie is working on getting the Park Ridge project moving forward independent of the other projects as it seems to have less opposition.

The commissioners are looking for a resident from every ward to help with the informational interviews for the comprehensive plan, which will guide development in the township over the next decade. Contact your commissioner if you can help, they need candidates by the next board meeting.

Building and Zoning

The township has drafted a new fencing ordinance to clarify how chain link fences should be installed. It has been sent to the planning commission for review.

The board approved the 18th escrow release for the 310 Wallingford development.

The board sent an ordinance regarding solar panels – including ground arrays – to the planning commission. The ordinance is similar to Swarthmore’s. Swarthmore is a Solsmart community, so their ordinance is in line with that organization’s recommendations.

The board discussed a new ordinance for the design of small wireless facilities. The ordinance can’t stop the installation of new poles for these facilities, just set what they can look like. An ordinance has been drafted, but the township continues to consider it. There was some discussion of creating underground districts, but few places in the township have underground utilities so wouldn’t qualify.

They also reviewed draft right of way and shade tree ordinances. The right of way ordinance would require a permit for any work in the right of way (currently its only road work) and the shade tree ordinance would be modified that anyone can appeal a shade tree permit, not just the organization applying for it. The board decided to continue consideration of these ordinances.

Finance and Administration

The board approved the minimum municipal obligation for pensions for the coming year, which has risen almost 10%.

The board approved an extension of its healthcare for employees with no premium increase.

Community, Health and Environment

The recycling contract went out for bid, 4 companies are interested.

The waste committee is also recruiting one representative from each ward to discuss how the township handles waste, recycling, composting and so forth. Commissioners hope to nominate committee members at the next board meeting, so contact your commissioner if interested.

The board discussed the plastic bag ban and asked the EAC to draft an ordinance based on the one Media recently passed.

The township needs to purchase replacement recycling cans for residents but they are expensive.

The DEP 902 grant program is open and the township hopes to purchase leaf machines (editorial note – these machines pollute, take a large amount of the township employee time and their use is bad for your yard).

Parks and Open Space

The installation of the Gouley Park playground is underway

Public Safety

The board discussed the repair of the guard rail on Possum Hollow. The damage was caused by a school bus hit and run. The board discussed adding a camera so they can catch anyone damaging it. It seemed premature, but PENNDOT’s requirements for the Possum Hollow sidewalk seem to have resulted in a horrible design for everyone.

The board advertised an ordinance for the Police DROP program, hoping that the police union doesn’t make any further changes to the agreement.

There has been a change in state firework laws. Municipalities can now ban fireworks if they can’t be used anywhere within 150′ of a building. Nether Providence does not qualify for that. But, the state law also allows municipalities to set times when fireworks can be used (before 10 pm with exceptions for holidays) and require permitting. The board requested an ordinance be drafted to enact some of these options.

Infrastructure and Public Works

The board passed the County’s model stormwater ordinance they’re required to pass.

There was a lengthy discussion of flooding along Henry Lane. The board voted 5-1 to ask the engineer to look at possible solutions to the heavy runoff in the area.

Manager Report

There is a new suicide prevention hotline.

There is a DelCo Hazardous Household Waste event today, but reservations were required.

DelCo’s Emergency Rental Assistance program ends at 4 pm today (Saturday).

The bivalent Covid vaccine booster was approved by the FDA and will soon be available. Commissioner Dr. Cooper says you should already be able to make appointments.

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month.

The Shade Tree commission is preparing for its fall bare root tree planting.

Family Fun Day is scheduled for 12-3 on October 15th.

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