Business Directory

One of the side projects I’ve wanted to work on for this blog is a business directory listing. When you look at the lists of who sponsors local events like last week’s Well Red, the SHHS fundraiser at Creekside or Thanksgiving’s Turkey Run, many of those listed are our local businesses. Keeping money local helps the community thrive.

Whether you have an Ebay or Etsy page, or a bigger business like Cangemi Plumbing or Miller Greenhouse, let’s see if we can put together a local business directory for the Garden City Area. We’ll start by defining the greater Garden City area as lying between Ridley Creek on the township’s border to Providence, Rose Valley and Brookhaven Roads. If you run a business and live in that region, reach out to me using this form. Include a link to your business’s webpage and a short description of what you do/sell. If we get enough responses I’ll put together a directory to live on the blog here.

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