161st State House District Election

Today the DelCo Times has what’s probably the longest coverage we’ll get of the 161st House District ahead of November’s election. The 161st district was redrawn this year, removing Swarthmore, thus making the district even more competitive. The district now includes Aston, Brookhaven, Chester Township, Nether Providence, Rose Valley, Upland and parts of Middletown and Ridley, making it a widely varying district. It includes both one of the poorest school districts in the state (Chester-Upland) and the highest per capita income borough in the state (Rose Valley). For those of you that don’t know, I’m a strong supporter of Rep. Kreuger.

With no debate scheduled (as far as I know), both candidates make their openings before the article delves into greater detail. From Rep. Krueger,

I ran for office because the small businesses I was helping provide for their workers, their communities, and the environment weren’t being heard in the halls of power,” said Krueger. “Government can and should serve everyone, not just the wealthy and connected few. My district office is one of the busiest in the state out of all 203 representatives’ offices, serving thousands of people per year. We cut through red tape and help seniors, veterans, working families and others navigate bureaucracy.

Mr. Mongelluzzo of Brookhaven is quoted,

“This is a very purple district, meaning it is almost split evenly between Democrat and Republican,” he said. “We also have a significant number of independent voters. As a state representative, our job is to represent our district, not our own personal views. That would be the main difference between myself and my opponent. I fully recognize the fact that I would be working for the people. They are the boss. I would be voting on legislation that may sometimes contradict my personal feelings and viewpoints because it accurately reflects the district. My job would be to represent us and to use common sense when it comes to how my votes would be cast.”

There’s some issues where it seems the candidates largely agree – such as promoting the school fair funding formula and marijuana legalization. But there’s a number of issues – such as abortion and elections where the two candidates diverge.

The election is scheduled for 8 November, 2022. Those that requested mail in ballots should be receiving them imminently. The county has posted the sample ballot page where you can see what will be on your ballot and has a page of further resources for voters.

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